Mike Lindell received a letter from lawyers representing Dominion Voting Systems threatening him with defamation lawsuits unless he backs off his statements about their machines. Lindell, who makes the greatest pillows and sheets known to man, says he isn’t worried because he has proof that foreign countries interfered in our election.

If the case goes to court, Lindell would have to provide proof that, he says, is 100% true.

If there is no defamation lawsuit, it would be an admission that he isn’t passing on misinformation and they don’t want his proof to become public record.

We will just have to see how this plays out. No court has ever permitted evidence to be presented, so we have no idea which one would prevail.

Either way, I won’t lose any sleep over it because of the My Pillows and sheets I sleep with. They are utterly amazing. I even gave some of the products as Christmas gifts. My friends are very happy with them also.

Lindell also says the cancel culture is banning him from their stores with Bed, Bath and Beyond, Costco and Kohl’s all deciding they would rather carry inferior products than to do business with a man who believes in the First Amendment. That makes three fewer stores the American public can avoid. May they all suffer the same fate as Facebook and Twitter, whose stocks have dropped by a huge amount since the banning of President Trump.

From The Gateway Pundit

100 Percent Fed Up – Mike Lindell is not the only person who received a threatening letter from Dominion—at least one GOP poll challenger in Michigan (who never even mentioned Dominion in her affidavit) received a threatening letter from Dominion.

Mike Lindell, a devout Christian, is not worried about a letter from Dominion lawyers threatening defamation. Like President Trump, Lindell is a fighter and is vowing to fight back, telling Axios that he’s looking forward to Dominion’s lawsuit. “I want Dominion to put up their lawsuit because we have 100% evidence that China and other countries used their machines to steal the election.”

Mike Lindell spoke with RSB Network today, where he demanded that he has “100% evidence that China and other countries” took our whole election, adding, “I’ve seen it, I have access to it.”

Lindell explains that every person in America needs to see the evidence he has, regardless of party. “This wasn’t just one country,” Lindell explained.


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  • This election steal is an exercise of RAW POLITICAL POWER. They only now and always use the U.S. Constitution as shit paper, which means they use our lives as shit paper. Using what is left of my First Amendment right, I will say that we need to rise and extinguish these criminals ASAP. In my personal opinion, we need to stop listening to so-called preachers who tell us to live under the boot of this regime.

  • Where is the interview with Mike and David on this? I watched it once on Facebook and wanted to play it for my husband and can’t find it on YouTube or Facebook now. I found it on Rumble but it and other videos of David’s will not play on Rumble. It begins to process and then kicks me off of Rumble. I tried it several times…. Where are directions on how Rumble really works? I can watch some videos and not others…

    Thanks for all you are doing!

  • O Senador Mike Lindell deverá iniciar um processo por esse roubo da Dominion, porque, se deixar para a Dominion ladra fazê-lo, pode esperar sentado, porque daquele mato não sai coelho! Por ser tão óbvio seu risco é que a Dominion ficará na retranca, aguardando!

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