Michigan Governor Whitman Begs People Not to Go to Their Summer Homes…Then Her Cars are Seen at Her Summer Home

If you needed any proof that the draconian edicts handed down by Gretchen Whitmer, governor of Michigan, is purely political, you need to look no further than her latest rant.

She begged people not to go to their summer homes for the holiday weekend. But then her car was spotted in the driveway of her summer home. No vacation home for thee but there is for me.

It must be nice to be Queen. But she is auditioning to be Joe Biden’s running mate and she is trying to toe the party line in closing down her state’s economy. It’s their plan for defeating President Trump. Destroy the US economy.

Their plan will backfire as Republican states reopen and have no continuing DTMNBN problems and a booming economy because other states are on lockdown, they will get new customers for their products from the blue states.

Reporters took down the license plate number of the car in the driveway. It is registered to Marc Mallory, Whitmer’s husband. How do you suppose that makes people feel who canceled their plans to visit their summer home?

Whitmer better hope Joe Biden is going to pick her for a running mater, otherwise her political career could be over.

From The Gateway Pundit

Tyrannical Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed an executive order that banned regular Michiganders from traveling between residences in the state. Whitmer banned travel to summer homes.

Whitmer extended the ban on traveling to summer homes thru April 30th. The ban was lifted but Governor Whitmer begged Michiganders not to travel up north.

Joe Biden is looking at Gretchen Whitmer as his possible running mate!

Evidently the rules does not apply to the elites like Gretchen Whitmer or her family.

Radio host Randy Bishop posted a photo today of several vehicles at Governor Whitmer’s summer home in or near Birch Lake, Michigan.

Gretchen and Marc were at their summer home today.

Gretchen doesn’t want you to visit your summer home but she will.
She must love her new power.




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