States with Democratic governors have a much higher death rate per 100,000 people than those living in states that are traditionally conservative. The main reason is that in states where Democrats rule, they sent DTMNBN (Disease That Must Not Be Named) to nursing homes,m where our most vulnerable citizens reside.Republicans banned sending those patients.

The Republicans in the legislature in Michigan passed a bill that would force the state to quit killing old people. Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer vetoed the bill. She claimed she vetoed the bill to protect Michigan’s most vulnerable. This is what you get when you elect a Democrat. How are you protecting the old and infirm by exposing them to a disease that kills them?

Whitmer said:

“Protecting the health and safety of nursing home residents and their staff continues to be a top priority for my administration.”

“Senate Bill 956 is nothing more than a political game that would relocate vulnerable seniors without any requirement for consent, doctor’s approval, or notification to patients and their families. It’s time for the Republican legislature to get serious about protecting our most vulnerable and addressing the public health and economic crisis faced by our state.”

According to the Detroit Free Press, 34% of all deaths of people from DTMNBN have occurred in nursing homes. There have been 1947 deaths of nursing home patients and another 20 deaths among staffers in Michigan. That’s 1 out of every 3 deaths in the state.

All told have been 7,163 confirmed cases of the coronavirus among nursing home residents and 3,133 confirmed cases among staff. Even a blind man could see infecting the old and infirm with patients sent to nursing homes is a very bad idea. Whitmer’s veto allows the slaughter to continue. There is blood on the governor;s hands.

From The Blaze

The language of the bill said that it “bans nursing homes from admitting or retaining an individual starting Sept. 1 who tests positive for COVID-19 unless the person had recovered or unless a nursing home could provide care in a separate building.”

Michigan Republicans excoriated the decision from the governor and predicted that many people might lose their lives over the veto.

“In a mean-spirited move, Gov. Whitmer announced she vetoed a plan that would have prevented COVID-19 patients from entering our nursing homes,” read the statement.


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