Mexican Border City on High Alert Over ‘Suicide Bomber’ Threat

The United States has warned Mexican authorities that a suicide bomber is making his way north with four others.

Breitbart had previously published a redacted version of the report from the US Border Patrol.

The document, prepared by an intelligence unit within U.S. Border Patrol, quoted information Border Patrol officials received from the Department of Homeland Security about four men and one woman.

The woman is the suspected suicide bomber, who has traveled through Central America and into Mexico.

The public safety director of Mexicali, Mexico, confirmed that state and federal authorities are on high alert for the bomber and her traveling partners.

They are expected to try to cross over into California through  the All-American Canal “in the coming days.”

From Breitbart News:

Mexican authorities are in a state of high alert over an intelligence alert from U.S. authorities warning about a possible suicide bomber traveling north with a group of four others. Breitbart published a redacted copy of the initial intelligence report from U.S. Border Patrol.

In the Proceso article written by Jesusa Cervantes, Mexico reportedly received the alert from DHS but does not credit Breitbart News for first publishing that there was an alert in the first place.

In a similar fashion, a TV report from KYMA News by Alexandra Rangel, quotes the Mexican police chief and tried to obtain a statement from U.S. Customs and Border Protection but makes no mention of Breitbart News’ initial report and the document published one day prior.

Breitbart News contacted Rangel for comment for not crediting the initial report. No response has been received.


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