AG Bill Barr says the media lies about the riots.

AG Bill Barr does not mince words. He says the media is lying about the peaceful but violent riots. Barr Claims that anyone with eyes can see how truly violent these riots are.

Look at Minneapolis. Do you really believe they suffered $550 million in damages from mostly peaceful riots? How about Portland or Seattle? True, most of the protests are peaceful but 550 were riots.

That’s like saying only one out of ten apples are poisoned. You eat ten apples and you are dead but it doesn’t matter than nine were safe, you are still dead. Except for CNN that did it by accident, mainstream media do not show the violence.

You do not get to see the cities burning or the businesses being looted. They show you peaceful protesters but not the ones assaulting or even killing innocent people.

And they talk about disinformation. That is all you get from them. They report on what is favorable to their ideology.

Barr said:

“Anyone with eyes can see what’s happening. They see the violence, they see these groups of agitators in their black outfits, with their helmets and their shields which incidentally have a hammer and sickle on them most of the time, rushing the police, causing violence, throwing rocks — people showing up with the rocks and the frozen bottles.”

“It’s a lie. The American people are being told a lie by the media.”

The mainstream media claims to be impartial but they are anything but impartial. They treat all three ideologies equally. The left, the far left, and the extreme left.

Anything to the right of Chairman Mao is strictly forbidden but anything to the left is promoted. Do you want communism? If not, don’t vote Democratic.

Bill Barr lives in the trenches and sees what is happening. Barr sees violence. And he sees the destruction. But the media refuses to acknowledge the truth. There is good news, however.  The riots will hurt the Democrats much worse than the Republicans.

Where are the riots taking place? In urban cities. They normally vote heavily Democratic. But in November urban Democrats could take their ire out on the entire party.

They deserve it. They support the riots but not the law-abiding citizens. Those who switch their vote can alter the election. I expect it to flip elections and the Democrats fear that I am right.

Look for them to spend more time condemning the riots. The media won’t condemn them but they will emphasize Democrats who do. After a while, you can read them like a book. A very bad book. The only way they would ever say evil about the riots is if Trump would praise them.

Barr says he is appalled by the violence in our streets. He says the violence is no secret and that it’s there for everyone to see. The reason is that as he says, the media is presenting a narrative and not the bare truth.

From The Daily Caller

Barr said the disparity is a resolution of the media presenting “a narrative” instead of “objective truth.” “There’s no real story of what happened. It’s just everyone has their own narrative and you get to where the press can justify presenting a story that doesn’t really correspond to objective truth — but it’s our narrative.

When asked if the media can be trusted to tell the truth, the attorney general suggested, “It’s reliable for being partisan nowadays.” Barr notes that First Amendment free speech was originally designed to apply to all American citizens, who had the freedom to publish pamphlets and speak their minds but that the media has become largely “monolithic” today.






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