McDonald’s Worker Arrested for Spiking Cop’s Drink With Cleaner

McDonald’s is working to control the damage done after an employee put 4 squirts of cleaner into a policeman’s drink, making him ill. It was not known what had happened until another employee stepped forward and said that he saw Trevor Hockaday spike the officer’s drink at the Allen County McDonald’s in Iowa.  If convicted, Hockaday is facing from 55 to 247 months in prison. It is a felony in Iowa to poison someone’s food, even a policeman’s. The officer, who is not being named, went through the drive through and ordered a soda. Shortly thereafter he began feeling ill.

From The Blaze

“In today’s day and age, not only us in law enforcement but citizens as a whole, there’s enough going on out there that we have to worry about … now my guys are cautious about going through that drive-thru,” Murphy admitted. “We all chose this line of work to protect and serve. Now my guys have that concern of is my food safe.”

There also appears to be an issue with McDonald’s chain of communication, because Murphy revealed that when he contacted the regional office in Joplin, Missouri, he was told that the employee had initially been suspended after an internal investigation, but that law enforcement had never been contacted.

Kansas law says that contaminating “any food, raw agricultural commodity, beverage, drug, animal feed, plant, or public water supply” is considered a felony.

When questioned as to why McDonald’s didn’t contact authorities over the alleged incident, a spokesperson said that it was not their policy to do so.

I see a major lawsuit on the horizon and possible criminal charges for failure to report a felony. Both would be well deserved.

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