Have you noticed that the same Democratic mayors who denied that they crippled city and state economies by locking them down and denying that they were just trying to hurt Trump’s reelection chances, are now saying that reopening is now an urgent necessity. New York city and state can also be included on that list. This in the week before President Trump leaves office. Some coincidence huh?

In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot is now insisting that restaurants and bars must reopen. And what is her excuse? She wants to end underground parties. If you believe that I have a bridge I’m willing to let go cheap. I do feel somewhat sorry for the voters in that city. Even if they decide to toss Lightfoot out of office, they will still end up with a Democrat. But, then again, you get the government you deserve.

But, there is a rub. She may not be able to authorize the opening of the restaurants and bars because the governor of Illinois is not allowing her to. She plans on meeting with Gov. JB Pritzker to discuss what mitigations would be necessary to implement before moving on to the reopening of the businesses that have been shut down since October. As it stands now, there are three phases they would need to get through before then.

From Chicago CBS Local

Thursday morning, Lightfoot said she plans to have a conversation with Gov. JB Pritzker about how to begin rolling back virus mitigation efforts ASAP.

“I want to get our restaurants and bars reopened as quickly as possible,” she said.

Alfonso Jose Castillo, owner of Americanos, said his business will not survive if things continue as they are.

“We’re built to have people sitting inside, so if you take that away I don’t know how we’ll manage,” he said.

Castillo said his community showed up big over the summer when to-go margaritas and outdoor dining kept them alive. But as soon as the temperatures dropped and the indoor dining ban took effect at the end of October, the outlook turned bleak.

Lightfoot said:

“If we have people and give them an outlet for entertainment in the restaurant space, in the bar space, we have much more of an opportunity, in my view, to be able to regulate and control that environment. People are engaging in risky behavior that is not only putting themselves at risk, but putting their families, their co-workers, and other ones at risk. Let’s bring it out of the shadows. Let’s allow them to have some recreation in restaurants, in bars, where we can actually work with responsible owners and managers to regulate and protect people from COVID-19.”

But not until Trump leaves office.


Steven Ahle

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