Mark Meadows: Obama Gave Iran 1.8 Billion Congress Didn't Vote For Why Not Money For the Wall?

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Mark Meadows laid out the best argument so far as to why President Trump has the right to spend emergency money on building the wall. If Barack Obama can send our bitter enemy 1.8 billion dollars to finance terrorism around the globe, why can’t President Trump spend money on a wall that will help us keep drugs and criminals out of our country? Not a single Democrat raised a fuss over Obama giving away that money without the Congress authorizing it. Why didn’t he try to run it by Congress? Because if he had, they wouldn’t have authorized a single dime.
From The Gateway Pundit
President Trump caved to pressure and reopened the US government on Friday following the 36-day partial shutdown.

Trump threatened to shut down the government again in three weeks if a deal is not made to build a border wall. President Trump added that he will use constitutional powers to build the wall if he has to.
On Saturday Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) the chair of the House Freedom Caucus went on with Neil Cavuto to discuss the president’s options to fund the border wall.
Meadows argued the president has access to billions he could use to fund the security wall with Mexico.
Rep. Mark Meadows: I know he has three or four different options that are at his disposal that are legal, some that are in statute already. Listen if President Obama can send $1.8 billion to the Iranians, I can tell you, I didn’t appropriate that. Certainly finding a few billion dollars for border security on our southern borders is something this president can do legally and without a challenge… Let’s look at 10 USC sections 274 and 284… It says that DOD can help protect our borders for those drug corridors, build fencing, build walls, provide lights… That’s in statute… The Supreme Court is on the executive branch’s side on this.
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