In what must be considered a shocker, Maricopa County did not have administrative control over the election in their county, Dominion Voting did.

What could possibly go wrong with that?

This is especially true after one exec at Dominion said he would do whatever it takes to keep Trump from winning. Who would hand over the control of their election to a private contractor?

A system administrator has the following duties:

System administrators are critical to the reliable and successful operation of an organization and its network operations center and data center. A sysadmin must have expertise with the system’s underlying platform (i.e., Windows, Linux) as well as be familiar with multiple areas including networking, backup, data restoration, IT security, database operations, middleware basics, load balancing, and more. Sysadmin tasks are not limited to server management, maintenance, and repair, but also any functions that support a smoothly running production environment with minimal (or no) complaints from customers and end users.

System administrators are individuals who have access to the systems at their highest levels.

If you wanted the change the way the vote came out there is no better way than to have administrative control. You can pretty much do whatever you want under those circumstances and quite possibly did.

The fact that the County does not have system administrators who have administrative access to the Dominion voting machines is a big concern.

From The Gateway Pundit

By allowing Dominion to have the administration access only, the County has basically turned over the system to the Dominion voting machine system people.  There is no IT control here because that’s been ceded to Dominion.

By the way, in general, most frauds that include IT-related processes have at least one IT person involved in the fraud.

This shows that the election was not run by the County, it was in essence subcontracted to Dominion which is likely not provided for in the law.  The election function should be run by County election employees, not some subcontractor.


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  • This by far the most fraudulent election in history of all election. We the 85 million whom voted for president Trump know it . A Rigged, a stolen election. That the truth. I will not wait till 2024 when trump won in 2020 😡😤😡😤😤

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