There is a rumor going around that Mitch McConnell is about to retire from the US Senate. If true, Republicans will be overjoyed but Democrats will miss him terribly.

After all, he could be replaced by a conservative. What is sparking the rumor is that the Kentucky legislature is attempting to change the way replacements are picked in Kentucky.

Currently, the governor decides, but under the new format, the governor must replace them from the same party.

McConnell is nearly eighty years old and he is under fire from many in his own party as well as accusations that his wife that worked in the Trump cabinet used her position to aid McConnell’s business interests in China.

Any of these reasons could be why he could be thinking of retirement.

Under the new law, if he does, a committee will pick three candidates from the retiring Senator’s party and the governor will select from those names.

MEA Worldwide reports: 

Serving since 1985, the Kentucky senator — who was elected to his seventh term in 2020 — is reportedly working with Kentucky’s state legislature on an exit strategy. The plan involves passing a bill through the state legislature that would strip power from the hands of the Governor to appoint McConnell’s successor and instead make it the duty of the Republican Party in the state.

The Intercept reports:

The bill alters current state statute that allows the governor to appoint a replacement in the event of a vacancy to the U.S. Senate. If the bill becomes law, the appointment to fill a vacancy will be selected from a list of three names submitted by the state executive committee of the same political party as the senator who held the vacant seat. According to the bill, the appointee from that list will then serve until a successor has been elected by voters. The legislation goes on to list instructions on when elections take place in the event of a vacancy.

Let’s hope the bill passes and that McConnell retires promptly thereafter. That would be known as addition by subtraction.


Steven Ahle

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