Authorities charged 28-year-old Shawn Christy of McAdoo, Pennsylvania with threatening to put a bullet in President Trump and  Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli . He also said that he would use lethal force on police. He will have to wait 20 years to put that plan into action as that is what he has been sentenced to.

Christy led police on a wild chase that covered several states and Canada before he was finally caught. Being an unhinged leftist did not work for him.

He got his fifteen minutes of fame but it cost him 20 years of his life. But considering he is a leftist, he may not miss out on much.

He had better learn to calm down. If he makes threats against other prisoners, he could be walking around with ten pounds of shivs sticking out all over his body.

Making threats there could easily get you a life sentence. Of course, it would be a very short sentence.

Immediately after making the threats, Christy went on a three-month crime spree in which he robbed Hazleton Oil where he used to work, Skipper Dipper in Schuylkill County, even the Scranton School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

He robbed homes and stole cars in at least six states. (There’s no truth that Biden is considering him for VP,,,,Well, hardly any truth)

Christ handled his own defense which meant he had a fool for a client and the client had a fool for a lawyer. He made the claim that he had been unfairly targeted by the government.

From Breitbart News

At the hearing, the judge referred to him as “painting a picture of a man to be feared,” according to WFMZ.

“For about an hour and a half of the hearing Christy objected to details of a pre-sentence report. During the hearing he said that he knew the government did not like him and that he felt dehumanized,” the article noted.

However, his mother told the judge Thursday that her son had cognitive and mental health issues, adding that the sentence should be lower or he should be given help while in prison.


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