Man Disrupts 2 Tables of Trump Supporters…Hill Country BBQ Knew Just What to Do

Two tables full of Trump supporters stopped in the Hill Country BBQ in Washington DC. They were minding their own business when a liberal disrupted their meal and started calling them racists and Nazis. The managers of the establishment wasted no time, and threw the fascist out of their restaurant for interfering with their customers. He became indignant, and insisted he was the victim in this whole thing. He said one of the women poked her finger into his chest. The snowflake referred to it as an assault. He thinks he has the God-given right to harass those who don’t agree with him.

From The Gateway Pundit

Hill Country BBQ joint in Washington DC tossed out a bigoted Magaphobe for harassing Trump supporters on the 4th of July.

And surprise, surprise, the bigoted Trump-hater, who describes himself as a “progressive communicator” actually believes he’s the victim.

Imagine being this insufferable.

“Spotted two separate tables of people wearing MAGA gear at @HillCountryWDC. Disgusting. Hill Country clean up your act. I have been patronizing you for 10*•+ years starting in NY. Don’t serve Nazis,” TJ Helmstetter, a Magaphobe said on Twitter Thursday.

Hill Country BBQ wasn’t having it and tossed the hater out for harassing the customer in the MAGA gear.

“Just got thrown out of Hill Country DC for standing up to a Nazi. Don’t go there ever again. They support Trump and Nazis,” Helmstetter said.


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