A male member of antifa attacked a woman at an Easter Egg Hunt sponsored by the Proud Boys, who o0ften do charity events in the area. After the woman was knocked to the ground when a member of the Proud Boys took over and promptly kicked the antifa’s glutenous Maximus. The police came and heard both sides of the altercation. I assume both blamed each other. Then someone had recorded the fight. The police then arrested antifa.

A Proud Boy who goes by the name Remy Del Toro explained that prior to Antifa showing up the gathering was peaceful and was a family event. There were 200 peopl4e there including 20 children. The four antifa members were trying to start trouble and they planned to pin the blame on the Proud Boys. Things did not go according to plan and one of the four was arrested and carted off to jail.

That is when the trouble began:

“We kindly asked them to respect that area, but one of the scums decided to bum rush a young woman to the ground,” he explained. “I had to defend her against her abuser by doing what a Proud Boy should do. Cops rushed to the scene and reviewed footage of the incident and they handcuffed the Antifa scum. Their own footage showed him to be the attacker,” he explained.

From The Gateway Pundit

A Proud Boy who goes by the name Remy Del Toro explained that, prior to Antifa showing up, the event had been family friendly and peaceful. He said there were about 200 people there, 20 of which were children. He said that four members of Antifa showed up and attempted to gain access to the area where the Easter egg hunt was underway. 

After shoving the woman to the ground, the far-left militant attempted to use his flag to hit another woman that was filming, Del Toro said.

“I punched his ass and took him to the ground,” he said.

Del Toro was not arrested, but the attacker was.

This will not make the news but if a Proud Boy had been the attacker, the media would play it up to the hilt.



Steven Ahle

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