Maine Finds Housing For Illegals in Months….Americans Have Been Waiting For Years

American citizens who are homeless in Maine have a bone to pick with their elected officials who found housing for illegal aliens within months, while American citizens are on waiting lists for between two and six years. Someday the voters will wake up to the fact that Democrat’s priorities (Illegal aliens) are not in their best interests? They are being told that the difference is that housing for illegals is temporary. I call BS. The housing will last for as long as they want or need it. They are not going to throw them onto the streets like they do with Americans. The waiting list for housing is now over 18,000.

From The Blaze

A long time ago Zanetta Smith got sick and couldn’t work anymore — and then she lost her apartment, WGME-TV reported.

“You fall into bad times, and sometimes it’s hard to get out of it,” Smith told the station.

She’d been living in her car for the last five years until a friend offered to let her stay in a storage shack in the woods, WGME said.

It’s a better situation, but the shack has no toilet, shower, or running water, the station said.

“It was pretty tough in the winter,” Smith told WGME, adding that for years she’s been on the waiting list for a Section 8 voucher as she seeks a place of her own.

And Smith is far from alone: Maine Housing indicates the Section 8 waiting list is up to 18,316, the station said.

“Being on the list for so long it’s very frustrating,” she told WGME.

Asylum-seekers get temporary housing within a few months

But in the meantime, the station said over 150 asylum-seekers who have arrived in Portland since June have moved out of a city shelter and into units in Bath, Brunswick, Lewiston, Portland, and Scarborough.


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