Liz Cheney should not just be kicked out of the Republican leadership, she should be traded to the Democrats for a rock to be named later. It would not have to be a big rock or even a good-looking rock, it would just have to be a garden variety rock. She is not only an embarrassment to herself, she is an embarrassment to the party. The good news is that she will be out of politics by January of 2023.

She loses to every candidate but one. She does defeat cow patty sandwiches by almost a full point. Only 21% of Wyoming voters say they will vote for her in 2022. She should vote for her opponent in the primary and make it unanimous.

But what we are now learning about how she teams up with liberals in her endeavors makes me wish she was a Democrat. It has now been revealed that she teamed up with a NeverTrump liberal news outlet to combat the notion that the fixed election was fixed.

The New Yorker noted that Eric Edelman, a friend of Cheney’s  said:

Cheney’s rupture with the House Republican Conference has become all but final in recent days, but it has been months in the making. Edelman revealed that Cheney herself secretly orchestrated an unprecedented op-ed in the Washington Post by all ten living former Defense Secretaries, including her father, warning against Trump’s efforts to politicize the military. The congresswoman not only recruited her father but personally asked others, including Trump’s first Defense Secretary, Jim Mattis, to participate.

From The Daily Wire

The story was seemingly confirmed by KION-TV anchor Aaron Groff, who wrote on Twitter: “Back on January 4th former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told me it all ‘began with a staff person to former Vice President Cheney.’”

Cheney’s future as the No. 3 in Republican House leadership is in serious doubt as she continues to attack Trump instead of focusing on galvanizing Republicans by attacking the Biden administration, congressional Democrats, and the political Left’s agenda. Cheney even sniped House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) in a recent op-ed in The Washington Post.

McCarthy has largely been patient with Cheney, waiting to see if she comes to her senses, sees the bigger picture, and gets with the program, but his patience and the patience of other top Republicans seems to have run out.


Steven Ahle

Steven is a syndicated columnist for, The Range and other news websites. He is also an author, whose books can be found on All enjoy a 5 star rating. They are A Walk Through the Willows, Melissa's Song, The Tangled Web, Innocent, The Calculating Corpse and It's All About me.

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