Judicial Watch has filed a lawsuit against the previous sheriff of San Francisco, California for dropping charges against 2,401 illegal alien felons and putting them back on the street when they should have been deported. In fact, in four years, ICE was unable to take a single felon into custody because as Judicial Watch alleges, former sheriff Vicki Hennessy, who was in office from January 2016 to January 2020 had a policy to protect illegal felons.

Hennessy, according to the lawsuit, released 2,401 criminal illegal aliens back into the community, allowing them to commit more crimes possibly:

The policy is so effective in regulating immigration and obstructing Congress’ purposes under federal immigration law that, in over 2,401 known instances, it has never resulted in ICE taking into custody a single alien, not even aliens with significant criminal backgrounds wanted for removal.

In four years Hennessey only notified ICE about three prisoners but none in time to make an arrest as she released them before they could be picked up. Here is a sampling of felons Hennessey released:

  • A citizen of Cuba faced charges for burglary and a parole violation, with a prior burglary conviction.
  • A citizen of Vietnam faced charges for robbery, battery, and assault.
  • A citizen of Ethiopia was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, assault on a peace officer, receiving stolen property, a parole violation, and had prior convictions for stolen property crimes.
  • A citizen of Mexico had a long list of current and prior offenses, including convictions for assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, felony assault, false imprisonment, burglary, vehicle theft, and probation violations, including one revocation of probation. This individual appeared to have been arrested at least nine times between January 2015 and March 2020.
  • A citizen of Honduras was facing instant charges of burglary.  His 5-page rap sheet included prior convictions on felonies such as burglary while in possession of a concealed, loaded firearm, giving false information to an officer, child endangerment, theft, domestic violence, robbery, assault, and violating a restraining order.
  • Another citizen of Mexico was facing instant charges of robbery, domestic violence and assault and also was the subject of an ICE detainer and warrant of arrest after a biometric match with DHS records. The alien had three recent, separate, prior felony convictions: two for auto theft and one for burglary, which had occurred over a 15-month period ending two and one-half years prior to the instant offense.
  • A citizen of Ukraine was arrested and held to answer for a felony burglary charge, along with false imprisonment, receiving stolen property, threatening an officer, and a firearms charge. Two years prior, he was convicted on a robbery charge, among other offense.
  • Another citizen of Mexico was held to answer on felony burglary charges, false imprisonment, and adult kidnapping charges. The alien had prior burglary convictions, one occurring one year prior to the instant charge, and another occurring four years prior, for which he was sentenced to 364 days plus probation.
  • A citizen of Cambodia was facing instant charges for assault with a deadly weapon, murder, and a loaded firearm violation.



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  • why wasnt the SHERIFF charged in releasing knownnCRIMINALs into our communities? Correct me if I am wrong but I do believe its the job of law enforcement to protect the American citizens against criminals? Since when does ANYONE have the authority to release these criminals into our community?? To bad they didnt go and victimize the Sheriffs family and friends. It appears Only American citizens are subject to the law. Criminals, illegals, and our government elite are above the law. Time to take our country back or become victims of these antiAmerican knuckle headed ideas. That Fat one should be charged as an accessory to the CRIMES she perpetuates and then deported from our country.

  • A citizen charged with any of those crimes with that kind of previous record would most likely be denied bail as a flight risk and then when found guilty of the current crime committed face at least 10 years of enhancement added on.

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