Latest Gallup Poll Gives Trump His Best Job Approval Numbers Ever — Shows Massive Bump In Support Among Independents

It’s starting.

People now know that the 2020 presidential election will be between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. With that poll numbers are rising for President Trump.

Dramatically among the all important independent voters and he has hit his all time ratings and is now in positive territory for the first time. And the best news is those numbers hold true in two national polls.

In the Gallup poll, President Trump received 49% approval while his disapproval number was 45% or a plus 4 rating for the first time in his presidency.

It marks the very first time that Gallup has given Trump a positive rating.

President Trump also did well in a Harris Poll where his approval/disapproval was 50-46, also a four point positive spread. In the Harris poll 60% approve of the way the president is handling the DTMNBN ( Disease That Must Not Be Named) crisis.

From The Daily Caller

Democrats and Independents both approve of Trump at higher rates than they did in the previous Gallup poll. 43 percent of Independents currently approve of the president, an 8 point bump from the previous poll, and 13 percent of Democrats responded in kind, nearly doubling the previous poll’s mark of 7.

Trump’s approvals were even higher when the poll asked bout his coronavirus response specifically. 60 percent of all participants approved, including 94 percent of Republicans, 60 percent of independents, and 27 percent of Democrats, while 38 percent disapproved. (RELATED: Trump On Coronavirus Timeline: ‘I Would Love To Have The Country Open By Easter’)

The Gallup data echoes similar polls released in recent days.

Harris poll published on March 19 showed 56 percent of respondents approved of the president’s coronavirus response. A Monmouth University poll released Monday showed that while only 50 percent of surveyed participants approved of Trump’s handling of the pandemic, only 45 percent of the same sample approved of the media’s coverage of the coronavirus pandemic.



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