Isn’t it funny how many Republican ideas are criticized by the Democrats who call us Hitlers but it is suddenly a great idea when they use it?

Like border walls. They are allegedly a bad idea on our border but Pelosi had a wall built around her house and now she is building one around the Capitol.

Now, it has been said that gun confiscation Speaker Nancy Pelosi requested that the military place automatic guns on tanks for the inauguration.

Remember when President Trump wanted to send in the National Guard to break up the riots?

The Democrats had a cow. They accused him of militarizing law enforcement. But never did they send in tanks with machine guns.

Why did Pelosi request them? Was she planning to shoot Trump supporters en masse? And wasn’t she afraid she’s hit the antifa gangsters stirring up trouble?

From The NY Post

Portland has long been a hotbed of left wing extremism, even before the Black Lives Matter protests which swept the nation after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. In July president Trump deployed troops to the city to protect federal property.

The decision was denounced by city Mayor Ted Wheelers and governor Kate Brown — both Democrats. Though most federal troops were eventually pulled out, Trump has consistently warned they can return at any time.

The city of Washington DC will have more armed military than Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan combined. As if Biden’s inauguration was going to draw any kind of crowd. Even Biden voters such as Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Huckleberry Finn will not be in attendance.

From The Gateway Pundit

Democrats are preparing the US Capitol for the inauguration of Joe Biden this week.
Already the statement they and their allies are making to the American people is that “we fear you” and “we will crush any dissent.”

Armed US troops authorized to use lethal force are manning checkpoints to enter and leave downtown Washington, D.C. Green Zone and Red Zone perimeters have been established.

CCTV cameras were mounted on poles so the elites can spy on the people they don’t trust.

And according to former Deputy of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli told Newsmax TV that Nancy Pelosi called for crew-served automatic weapons on light armored vehicles be included in the National Guard’s arsenal to mow down any people who may storm the US Capitol on Inauguration Day.

Pelosi’s request was apparently turned down as the military said those weapons are not meant to be used against US citizens.


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