Kansas GOP RINO Offers Bill To Give 200,000 Indian Visa Workers Citizenship

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The bill was put forth by an open-borders RINO from Kansas by the name of Kevin Yoder. This is the worst rep the GOP has. Look for a liberal position, and you’ll find Yoder leading the way. Yoder’s bill eliminates national caps on immigration and will move all other applicants onto a waiting list 5 years long. Tech companies are praising Yoder because they much prefer to hire cheap foreign labor as opposed to hiring Americans. His bill will expand other work visas, and will put US graduates at a severe disadvantage in finding jobs that will allow them to pay off their college loans.

From Breitbart News

Current federal immigration law sets “country caps” to spread the distribution of the 140,000 green cards which are allocated to employers. Yoder’s amendment kills those 7 percent country-caps as “national discrimination” and allows the huge backlog of more than 300,000 Indian visa-workers — plus a similar number of family members — to jump to the head of the green-card line. Once the Indians jump to the head of the line, people from other countries are pushed into a wait of at least five years.

“From the Indian perspective, this is wonderful —  it transforms the American immigration system into an Indian-first system,” said Miano. “Every [other] ethnic lobbying group will be screaming because only people from India will be getting [employer-sponsored] green cards,” he said. 


I really hope the democrat takes this SOB out in November.

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