Aric Thompson, the official photographer for Kamala Harris has become a focal point in the election in Floyd County Georgia. You see, Thompson was a vote counter in Floyd County, Georgia. That is the same Floyd County where 3,000 votes that favored President Trump were never counted.

By law Thompson was not legally allowed to count the votes because he worked for the Biden/Harris campaign.

When you volunteer to count votes, you are asked if you were a candidate or worked for a candidate on the ballot. If you answer yes to either, you are automatically refused.

Therefore, Thompson must have answered no. He broke election law. His job was operating a Dominion Voting tabulator. The worst of both worlds.

By the way, a judge in Georgia has ordered all the voting machines to be sequestered. The state is currently working on a new recount. This one is different. They will be comparing signatures on the votes to their registration form. If they don’t match, the vote gets tossed out. This will favor President Trump.

Most of Biden’s alleged votes were mail in ballots.

From Repub.Li

Among others, this blatant conflict of interest and violation of campaign law stands out as highly suspicious. This campaign staffer was more than just a general election worker. Aric Thompson managed to get into a closed room overnight and ran a Dominion tabulation machine for hours. Notably, Georgia’s recount turned up 3,055 uncounted ballots. How can the public trust a partisan operative to stay neutral while unattended with ballots in such an important swing state?

signature audit is coming to Georgia. The audit is likely to favor President Trump. It’s not certain if the rejection rate of ballots will be high enough to change the election results in the state. All indications are that ballots rejected in a signature audit will favor the President because mail in voting was a core element of the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden’s, campaign. The exceedingly low rejection rate from this years results are used as projections for where the new rejection rate will likely be after the audit is complete. This net loss of mail in votes is expected to be substantial.

The result of the election is not finalized and the voting for the Electoral College will be held on December 14th.

If neither candidate reaches 270 electoral votes, it goes to the House of Representatives. In that case Trump wins because Republicans control 26 state delegations to the Democrats 23. Each state gets one vote regardless of its size.


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  • Now we know why Biden supposedly won, fraud ballot harvesting, democrats trying to steal elections because they can win anything honestly.

  • I noticed another glaring conflict of interest in Georgia.

    Page 90 of the MSA between Dominion Voting and the State of Georgia identifies two ‘Permitted Contractor Solution Partners’, one of which being Diversified Technologies, LLC, which is based in Atlanta, GA.

    On Linkedin, Diversified Technologies LLC classifies itself as a Staffing and Recruiting firm. I learned through their Facebook posts that they were responsible for hiring election field support technicians, election systems consultants, and other election-related roles for the state of Georgia.

    Upon reviewing Diversified Technologies, LLC’s Facebook page, I noticed a glaring independence issue. On May 13, 2020, there was a post giving a call-to-action to listen to a political discussion with House representative Vernon Jones. I researched this name and found out he’s a member of the Democratic Party, and served as Chief Executive Officer of DeKalb County from 2001 to 2009. Then, on June 3, 2020, there was a post giving a call-to-action to listen to an interview with Sheriff Eric Levett, a Democrat. It is important to note that there weren’t any FB posts that supported any Republican candidates.

    As the company that hires election field support technicians, election systems consultants, and other election-related roles, one would think that the company would need to remain neutral / impartial in its politics, but this was not the case.

    • That’s a very good observation. That just shows you how deep the corruption is in the Democratic Party that they will use any means to gain power.

  • Um…..illegal! Not one person in authority has anything to say. If it weren’t for you we would never have known!!!!!!

    Keep doing such great work. The truth is very critical.

  • A legitimate Vice-President Elect would have resigned their seat in Congress by now. She hasn’t because she knows and is not sure the Democrats won’t lose the day.

  • The point is not how many votes, but just that fact that there were votes ignored. This is fraud and the entire election is invalid. It is BS to have a judge say that the number of votes is not enough to change the outcome. Given the amount of fraudulent activity, there is no question about intent.


  • How much more fraud does the courts need? Time to give the American people a fair presidential election. Decale Marshall law and have the military redo the election. Paper ballots ID PROOF TO VOTE.

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