Justice In Texas! Anti-ILLEGAL Immigrant, Pro-Trump Teacher Reinstated & Ordered “payment in full”

Georgia Clark, the Forth Worth, Texas, high school English teacher who was fired earlier this year for tweeting for President Trump to remove illegal alien children from her school has won her appeal and ordered the school district to pay her for the time she missed from work over her illegal firing.

They do not have to allow her back into the school but only if they continue to pay her for a year and to keep up her benefits

The Texas Education Agency ruled against Fort Worth ISD overruled the school district and ruled that her firing was illegal.

They checked her evaluations which showed she was a terrific teacher and her tweets are covered by the First Amendment and therefore cannot be abridged.

Here is the statement released by the Texas Education Agency:

The state found that the teacher, Georgia Clark, should be reinstated and get back pay and employment benefits, or instead of being allowed to return to her job, she could receive one year’s salary from the date she would have been reinstated, according to its ruling.

“The day the petitioner would have been reinstated is the day respondent tenders petitioner payment in full,” the commissioner of the Texas Education Agency, Mike Morath, wrote in the ruling.

From The Blaze

The TEA’s ruling said that Clark “has been evaluated as an excellent teacher consistently throughout her employment” and that her tweets constituted an expression of free speech.

“Clark’s tweets are statements of a citizen on a matter of public concern protected by the United States Constitution and do not contravene or impair policies or proper performance of the district’s functions,” the agency determined.

According to the Times, Forth Worth ISD said it would appeal the state’s decision, saying in a statement they believed the judgement they handed out in June was appropriate.

“We stand by our decision because we firmly believe this is in the best interests of all students,” superintendent Kent Scribner said in a statement.


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