JUST IN: NatSec Advisor Robert O’Brien Says Schiff Star Witness Alexander Vindman Will be Removed From National Security Council (VIDEO)

National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien says that Schiff’s star witness, Alexander Vindman, the NSC official who told Ukraine they could ignore all requests from Trump and his administration, will be cycled back to his original position with the  Department of Defense.

He is not facing retaliation, but the NSC was bloated under Obama, reaching 236 people in all. The NSC will be pared back to 100 people, with many being rotated back to where they came from and with O’Brien appointing many of the 100 to be left in the NSC  with himself personally in an effort to stop the Deep State’s leaking.

O’Brien was named as the new NSC chief after John Bolton was relieved of his duties for his pro-war stances on foreign policy. Vindman, in his testimony before Schiff’s committee, testified that President Trump was going against US foreign policy, which was perjury on his part. The President of the United States sets foreign policy, and that would be President Trump, not former placeholder, Barack Obama. So, Vindman either intentionally lied or he has no idea what he is talking about. That one is too close to call.

From The Gateway Pundit

Alexander Vindman, one of Schiff’s star witnesses and a left-wing hack, testified to the House Intel Committee that he “thought” the President was wrong in his policy with Ukraine.

So he later told Ukrainians to ignore President Trump — Vindman actually thinks he is superior to Trump even though he is an inferior official in the intel department.

Margaret Brennan asked Mr. O’Brien if there would be “retaliation” against Vindman for testifying.

Mr. O’Brien was clear and said that everyone at the NSC (National Security Council) will be rotated back to their respective departments and he will be bringing in new people.

The National Security Council was full of Obama holdovers who ultimately damaged the Trump Administration with illegal leaks to the media.



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