John Brennan in a Panic…Tells Rosenstein Not To Resign

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It’s easy to understand why John Brennan is panicking. If it weren’t for Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller, he could be in prison by now, in my opinion. Once all of the documents are released and his role in the spying is revealed, he will be rooming with a guy named Bubba, whom he may have to marry. So, Brennan is advising Rosenstein not to resign and instead to wait to be fired. He said that knowing that Trump would be hesitant to fire him for political reasons, at least until the Mueller investigation is over. Brennan knows that if Rosenstein leaves, Mueller’s days are numbered.

From The Gateway Pundit

‘It’s a setup,’ said Hannity. The Deep State is trying to bait President Trump into firing DAG Rosenstein to create a Nixon-like ‘Saturday night massacre’ where the DAG, AG and special prosecutor Archibald Cox were fired during the Watergate investigation.

John Brennan is panicking because Rosenstein’s departure puts Mueller’s unconstitutional witch hunt in jeopardy.

Rosenstein appointed Mueller in May of 2017 and has been protecting the illegal witch hunt ever since–if Solicitor General Noel Francisco (one of the good guys) takes over the Special Counsel, the Deep State could quickly unravel.

John Brennan was one of the main players in promoting and leaking stories on Hillary’s phony Russia dossier–he’s desperate to keep Mueller and Rosenstein in their positions.

My best guess is that if Rosenstein does not resign, Trump won’t fire him at this time. Not just before the midterm elections, but he could be fired along with Jeff Sessions after that.

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