John Brennan Caught Lying on National Television!

John Brennan, the worst director the CIA has ever had, and in fact could be the worst human ever to bless our shores, went on national television and lied his butt off in trying to connect President Trump to Russia. Brennan made the claim that the day after Trump joked about getting Russia to post the thirty-some thousand “lost” Hillary emails, Russia hacked into the computer system. The very next day, he said. President Trump made that joke on July 27th, 2016. That means Brennan is saying that Russia began its hacking on July 28th.

But the first attempts to get into her server occurred in March of 2016, four months before President Trump made his joke. In fact, a text message from Peter Strzok in May of 2016 said, “We know foreign actors obtained access” to some Clinton emails.

In fact, Louis Gohmert revealed that the IG report found that Hillary’s server was breached……..but not by Russia:

From The Blaze

“And it was when they forensically examined the anomaly, they found embedded information, and it was a foreign entity, not Russia, but a foreign entity that was getting every single one of her, over thirty thousand, emails,” he continued.

“And it wasn’t Russia,” Gohmert emphasized, “it wasn’t Russia!”

“So you’re saying that in Hillary Clinton’s emails,” Kilmeade asked, “they were forwarded to someone else?”

“Yes, and it was because they were hacked,” Gohmert answered, “and [DOJ Inspector General] Horowitz didn’t point that out, you know they, and the previous story you know that [former FBI Director James] Comey gave us, well it was not a good server, it was possible that it got hacked, but there was no evidence that it was hacked, and then we find out, and that’s what I brought out today, that the intelligence community, IG, brought it to their attention and they did nothing. Nothing!”

So, not only did Brennan lie about the timing, he also lied about the source of the hacking. As director of the CIA, he must have known these were lies before the words ever left his lips. He seems to be a man desperate to unseat president Trump, and he is willing to do anything, including lying, in order to do it. My suggestion to Brennan is that he climbs back under the rock that spawned him and contemplate the tragedy which is his life.

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