Joe Biden Helped Launch Business for Son-in-Law from the Oval Office, Repeatedly Briefed Investors Privately

It pays to be a Biden — or at least marrying one.

Joe Biden’s son in law formed a new healthcare company, and before they even worked out their business plan, Joe got them a meeting with Barack Obama.

No new company without a business plan gets in to see the president, but this one did. Just one day after the officials met with Obama, their company was featured by HHS.

Their story can be found in Peter Schweizer’s latest book, “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power By America’s Progressive Elite.”

Joe Biden and his family figure prominently in that book, with five family members raking in big bucks from Joe’s position as vice president.

StartUp Health did not offer anything new or any type of innovation at all.

Other companies take years to launch, but StartUp Health only needed weeks.

In October 2016, Biden appeared alongside StartUp Health’s CEO at the Cleveland Clinic’s Medical Innovation Summit.

During his remarks, Biden praised StartUp Health as an innovator in the health care market and claimed companies like it would be essential to winning the battle against cancer.

From Breitbart News:

Apart from arranging access and touting the company in public, Biden also took steps in the waning days of the Obama administration to boost investment in StartUp Health. In January 2017, Biden made one of his final appearances as vice president at a festival hosted by the company in San Francisco, California. At the event, Biden lauded StartUp Health’s success to 250 attendees, including members and prospective donors.

Ironically, at the same time he was working to promote his son-in-law’s business, Biden was also claiming his children had chosen careers unlikely to make them rich.

“I wish my kids would become wealthy,” Biden told the International Association of Fire Fighters in July 2012 while lambasting the economic policies of then-Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Profile in Corruption outlines how Biden’s children and other members of his family did just that while he was in political office.


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