Republican Rep Jim Jordan has written letters to DHS Alejandro Mayorkas and DOJ head Merrick garland asking them to explain their policies regarding attacks on federal property and employees in the city of Portland, Oregon.

Although he did not say it, he is obviously curious as to why they have been overcharging people who were in Washington on January 6th, while totally ignoring antifa rioting and the destruction of federal property, and attacks on federal officials.

The federal courthouse in Portland has been the target of many attacks on federal property, not to mention the bricks, rocks, and attacks with laser pointers that have left federal authorities blinded at least temporarily. But, since President Trump left office there seems to be no action taken against the rioters. Jordan wants to know why. In Portland, antifa rioted for over 100 days in a row but the riot in Washington lasted just three hours.

The DHS was recently forced to reinstall fencing around the Mark O. Hatfield United States Courthouse just days after they removed it due to attacks on the building.

Once the fence was removed the attacks started up again. The city of Portland tried to force Trump to remove the fencing but he refused even after Portland tried to levy fines against the federal government.

Jordan has given both Mayorkas and Garland until April 12th to reply. But, I do not expect answers and if he does receive them I imagine their explanations will be pure propaganda. We now live in a country where American lives don’t matter.

Fortunately, it will cost the Democrats dearly. Already moderate incumbent Democrats in the House are looking for other offices to run for because the Republicans look like a shoo-in for the 2022 elections.

From The Daily Caller

Jordan cited journalist Andy Ngo’s February 2021 testimony in front of the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security in both letters. He noted that Ngo testified about “antifa and left-wing anarchists” developing “a riot apparatus that included streams of funding for accommodation, travel, riot gear, and weapons, which resulted in a murder, hundreds of arson attacks, mass injuries, and mass property destruction.”

In the letter to Mayorkas, the Ohio lawmaker requested an explanation on what the DHS or the Federal Protective Service (FPS) is doing “to protect federal personnel and federal property” in the city. The letter also asked for explanation on what is being done to prevent further destruction to federal property as well as whether the DHS “still believes that it has the authority, the mission, and the intent to enforce federal law and protect federal property in Portland.”


Rep. Jim Jordan Letter To M… by Shelby Talcott


Rep. Jim Jordan Letter To G… by Shelby Talcott


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  • It seems to me that the Biden asshats have decided that even though they “supported” antifa thugs and BLM bullies while they were useful to them, they now are pretending like those cities don’t exist and no violence ever happened, LOL. Just like a demtard to leave you flapping in the wind, both the citizens and the violent destructors of their OWN cities.
    I say, get the REAL citizens of those doomed cities out and relocated asap because none of those cities will ever be safe nor will they EVER have any tourist trade again so they will go broke eventually. Send American soldiers in to kill them all, take NO prisoners, I don’t want my tax dollars keeping them alive. Domestic terrorism should not be allowed in any America, not mine, not yours, not even Buttdens!!
    Side note: it would be much easier to relocate these victims of Anita and BLM if those Biden/Harris bitches would send those ppl trying to illegally enter our Country back where they came from. TX is full. No illegal aliens and no Califorians, we don’t want any of you in our state or our Country!! No exceptions!!

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