‘It Wasn’t Me’: Alleged ABC Whistleblower Denies Leaking Video

The alleged whistleblower who was suspected of leaking the Amy Robach video appeared with Megyn Kelly on Instagram and denied having anything to do with the leak. Project Veritas has confirmed the fact that former ABC News producer Ashley Bianco was not their source for the video. That means if this is true, the leaker is still inside ABC. Bianco says she never even heard of Project Veritas until this video was produced and caused a huge furor. I have to believe there is a major lawsuit on the way, and both ABC and CBS will lose big time.

Even if she is innocent, her career is over, because no one will hire her now even if it appears she is not guilty of the charges. Bianco also told Kelly that she never even saw the video after it was stored away.

At this time, we cannot verify who is telling the truth in this matter. We will keep you informed of the happenings pertaining to this event.

From The Daily Caller

Journalist Megyn Kelly spoke to ABC’s alleged whistleblower during an exclusive interview posted on her Instagram account Friday, and the woman denied being the whistleblower.

The woman who has been accused of having access to the tape is former ABC News producer Ashley Bianco, 25, who spoke to Kelly in an exclusive interview after CBS News fired her Wednesday. She worked at CBS for just four days after leaving ABC before being fired, she told Kelly. Executives at the outlet allegedly informed CBS of the situation prior to her firing, journalist Yashar Ali reported.

“It wasn’t me, I’m not the whistleblower. … The leaker’s still inside,” Bianco said.

“They [Project Veritas] released the video, and you know I was shocked, but I didn’t think anything of it,” Bianco said in the tearful interview. She admitted to clipping the video for “office gossip,” but said she had no intention of embarrassing ABC or Robach.


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