Islamic State Wife Arrested for Brutal Murder of Five Year Old

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A 27-year-old woman, identified only as Jennifer W, purchased a five-year-old slave girl in Syria and she and her Islamic terrorist husband got angry when the girl got sick and wet the bed. The husband took her outside and chained her up to die as punishment. The wife did nothing to save the girl – and she died. The woman is a German citizen who went to Syria and joined up with ISIS and then married one of the terrorists. She was given the job of making sure all of the women complied with Sharia Law in how they dressed and acted. She carried a gun to make sure they complied – or died.

From The Conservative Tribune

The woman tried to return to Germany from Turkey in January 2016, months after the girl’s death, The Guardian reported. She visited the German embassy in Ankara, but was arrested by Turkish security forces when she left the mission.

She was then extradited to Germany, according to The Guardian.

She was charged in a Munich, Germany, court in December with murder, war crimes and weapons offenses, The Guardian reported.

These are the kind of monsters that President Donald Trump wants to eliminate when he talks about destroying the terrorists.

While the Islamic State group is not the large threat it was when President Barack Obama let the terrorist organization run wild, there are still too many active radical Islamic terrorists.


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