The United States is not the first country to have problems with voting machines and they won’t be the last.

In fact, both Ireland and the Netherlands banned voting machines over a decade ago after a study found them unreliable.  Electronic voting over the internet has also been stopped.

Dominion Voting Systems tried to sell their products to Texas but after examining the machines, they passed, stating the machines were not secure.

Texas denied Dominion certification three times.

Here is what the study of the machines found:

The examiner reports identified multiple hardware and software issues that preclude the Office of the
Texas Secretary of State from determining that the Democracy Suite 5.5-A system satisfies each of
the voting-system requirements set forth in the Texas Election Code.

Specifically, the examiner
reports raise concerns about whether the Democracy Suite 5.5-A system is suitable for its intended
purpose; operates efficiently and accurately; and is safe from fraudulent or unauthorized
manipulation. Therefore, the Democracy Suite 5.5-A system and corresponding hardware devices do
not meet the standards for certification prescribed by Section 122.001 of the Texas Election Code.

The Netherlands did away with voting machines in 2007 as they found them to be inaccurate with many problems attached to them. The information was sent by a private citizen living in the UK to remind us what other countries have found and what actions they took:

I am a reader from the UK and follow events in the USA with a great deal of interest. You may be interested to know that this was a common problem in Europe via Nedap voting machines whereby their security was compromised. Ireland purchased Nedap voting machines and subsequently destroyed them at a cost of £55 million due to security issues. I have attached a document to this email that explains this voting machine security issue that was faced by Europe and Ireland. I hope this information may be useful.

From the report:

The government acted quickly in the wake of the release of the Commissions’ reports. During the press conference in which the Voting with Confidence report was released on September 27, 2007, the State Secretary for the Interior announced that the 1997 Regulation for Approval of Voting Machines would be withdrawn.

“We do not trust voting computers” had filed an administrative law procedure against the approval of NEDAP machines with the District Court of Amsterdam in March 2007. On October 1, 2007, the District Court decertified all NEDAP computers in use in the Netherlands as a result of the judicial procedure. With the approval of SDU voting machines already withdrawn, this decision left no voting machines certified for use in the Netherlands.

On October 21, 2007, the 1997 Regulation for Approval of Voting Machines was officially withdrawn by Parliament, and the Decree of October 19, 1989 was amended, taking out the provisions that gave the minister responsibility for new regulations on approving voting machines. This legislative action removed the possibility to certify any new voting machines.

Ireland canceled e-voting in 2004:

Ireland has canceled the use of electronic voting machines for the upcoming European elections in June after an independent commission said the secrecy and accuracy of the voting could not be guaranteed. The Irish government has spent 40 million euros on voting machines from the Dutch manufacturer Nedap. The Irish opposition demands the resignation of the responsible minister for the Environment and Local Government, Martin Cullen.





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