Joe Biden is desperate to make a deal with Iran in which we lift all sanctions while Iran combs the world for technology and other assets in which to build nuclear weapons.

It has already been determined by multiple countries that Iran is seeking materials to build nuclear weapons. What would we get by making a deal like Obama did? A photo op at best, an upscale terrorist agenda for Iran at worst.

Iran made several attempts in 2020 to obtain the technology needed to develop weapons of mass destruction according to a Dutch intelligence report.

The report says Iran made several attempts in 2020 to obtain the technology needed to develop weapons of mass destruction.

The General Intelligence and Security Service of the Netherlands “investigated networks that were trying to obtain nuclear know-how and the materials to build a nuclear weapon.

Sweden similarly charged Iran with carrying out industrial espionage in its quest to obtain products that could be used to make nuclear weapons.

According to the Dutch report:

The joint Counter-proliferation Unit (UCP) of the AIVD [the General Intelligence and Security Service] and the MIVD [the country’s Military Intelligence and Security Service] is investigating how countries try to obtain the knowledge and goods they need to make weapons of mass destruction. Countries such as Syria, Pakistan, Iran and North Korea also tried to acquire such goods and technology in Europe and the Netherlands last year.

A spokesperson for Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told Fox News:

 “The Iranian regime has never stopped seeking weapons of mass destruction to use against America and our allies. Nevertheless, the Biden administration, like the Obama administration, is committed to dismantling all meaningful pressure against the regime and flooding it with hundreds of billions of dollars.”

“Sen. Cruz had fought for years to prevent that from happening, and continues to emphasize that any deal with Iran not brought to the Senate as a treaty and passed by the Senate can and will be reversed by a future administration.”

None of the reports said whether or not Iran was able to actually obtain the things they were seeking. What would the world look like when Iran has nuclear weapons? Joe Biden will do his p0art, you can count on that.


Steven Ahle

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