As Prof Dumbledore said to Severus Snape, “They put their faith in the wrong person much like you did.” I knew Biden voters would have buyer’s remorse but who knew it would take just 72 hours for it to sink in. He has now signed 30 Executive Orders and the people he and the Democrats fooled are none too happy. But, why are they surprised? The last three Democrats all broke their promises in the first week or so.

I know fool me once and shame on you, fool me twice and shame on me but whose shame is it when you have been fooled dozens of times. Republicans warned what would happen if Biden were elected. The Democrats, the media and Big Tech called them lies and or disinformation. Biden killed the Keystone Pipeline and with it, killed 11,000 construction jobs and another 31,100 ancillary jobs with it. He halted another 10,000 jobs by stopping border wall construction.

From The Gateway Pundit

Here are the texts from the Biden voters:

“Wtf is happening?” 

“Like ruin the economy on purpose”

“What the f*ck”

“Where the f*ck is Trump when you need him!?”

“But…But…character matters”

“Jeremy just called and yelled at me. He said everyone on the job site are freaking out thinking they are going to lose their jobs. He’s blaming me for voting for Biden. You know I hated the way Trump acted. Is it true that Jeremy could lose his job?”

These voters were promised a “moderate” President.

They were promised a President who would be “nice”.

They are now realizing it was all one big lie.

I hope these Democratic voters get wise by the 2022 midterm elections but I will not bet on it unless I can get some really high odds. Democrats will claim that they finally hear the voters and they will do what’s best for them from now on. But what will happen after the election?



Steven Ahle

Steven is a syndicated columnist for, The Range and other news websites. He is also an author, whose books can be found on All enjoy a 5 star rating. They are A Walk Through the Willows, Melissa's Song, The Tangled Web, Innocent, The Calculating Corpse and It's All About me.

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  • I get that some are feeling Biden’s backstabbing but Biden didn’t win . The election was stolen, and that’s where the Republicans should have banded together and fought for justice.

    • Exactly! The republican party (small r in my opinion) betrayed the American people. They should have done their jobs, kept their word, and demanded investigations. Instead they joined the left. I will never forgive them or trust them again.

      • An OLD statement made YEARS ago, goes, “AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION, ALWAYS BEATS A POUND OF CURE” !!! SURE, you can blame the Republicans for not battling hard enough to fight the Democrats… But QUIT PASSING THE BUCK AGAIN !!! It was up to EVERYONE to do THEIR due diligence BEFORE the election… You only listened to the news that you WANTED to hear… Mainstream… They ARE the Democrats… Look at the families… They’re all linked… You had the media LYING to you, and you openly WELCOMED it… Many of us tried to tell those Biden supporters, but they wouldn’t listen… WHY ??? Because YOU KNEW BETTER !!! You should’ve known something was wrong when Facebook and Twitter had stopped President Trump from operating on their platforms… But you didn’t care because that suited you just fine… Because you didn’t like him anyway… So… If you are TRULY mad and upset about being betrayed by Biden… ( And this is only the beginning of what is to come )… Then PROVE it, and in 2022 go to the polls and PROVE it… For once in your life, DON’T be a know it all… LEARN from your mistakes… It’s going to be harder because now comes that “POUND OF CURE” !!! TRUMP NEVER LET YOU DOWN… You just didn’t LIKE him… Now try and help straighten out this mess you helped to create… Get the DEMS OUT, before we all have to learn Chinese !!!

      • Trump fought with all he could, but no one listened, everyone turned against HIM, I read every day how he TRIED & got nowhere, so don’t say he didn’t try hard enough, HE DID, you weren’t listening or reading , or cared, I prayed every day someone would be on his side & they were all against HIM, so don’t tell me he didn’t try hard enough, you are wrong, wrong wrong. I still pray for him!!!

    • You’re absolutely right about that and EVERYONE should be demanding investigations into this past election. The truth needs to come out!!!! The Dems are crooks, always have been, always will be!

    • It is known the election was fraudulent rigged, & factual evidence was provided of dead people voting, more voters than registered, state election laws being broken, ballots being changed, signed affidavits of crimes under the penalty of jail, if false, etc. However, the crooked criminal lower court Black Robes & the SCOTUS, which I now refer to as SCROTUM, didn’t allow cases to be heard even though they knew there was Treasonous fraud. All should be hung in a public square!

  • biden is a sorry corrupt racist pedo that should HANG for TREASON along with obama harris polosi schumer comey clapper brennon mccabe and every member of the house and senate that did not object to the corrupt election !!!!!

  • Anyone with a backbone and a brain did not vote for joey
    Those that did vote for him wont wake from thier stupor till they get reamed personally

  • I don’t even want to hear it. You, myself and many others tried warn democrats about what the Biden amin would bring. Just like it says in Romans Chapter. The LORD has turned them over to their wicked desires. Now they get to taste the fruit of their decision.

  • Dems wanted him…let them cry now. Especially since he’s letting 11,000 illegal aliens across our borders. When they (the Dems) start losing their housing, EBT cards and health insurance bc of them, I’m gonna be the 1st 2 say “U wanted Biden, u got him. Now shut the flock up!”

    • You know IT IS WAY More than 11 Million ! I’d wager a vast sum that It’s Three times that many ! The Worst part IS All the Terrorists this Administration is Helping walk into our Country ! ? !

  • All you Democrats were warned about Biden but you chose not to listen. He’s totally lied to all of us about his wanting to work for the people instead he’s destroying the lives of others by doing away with their jobs. Some of these people who voted for him are now suffering because they were part of this problem so don’t complain. Him being involved with the Hunter should be looked into quickly and get him out of office.
    The Democrats who were voted into the House and Senate need to step up and do something because if you don’t you’re term is over in two years. It’s already been said they dreaded voting for Biden and you representing the Democratic Party and his agenda are out. Now it’s up to you.

    • Ashley, The problem with just getting Biden thrown out for his obvious years of corruption (if you could even get the MSM or DOJ to look into it truthfully) is, that we’re then stuck with President Harris (the Ho). We need to get the whole crooked election overturned and run these bums out of the country for good. Trump’s biggest mistake is that he should have cleaned house at every level in every agency as soon as he was inaugurated. I think even he underestimated the corrupt influence throughout our government.

    • Didja notice? Hunter and all his crooked dealings disappeared! Biddy Biden knew all about it and profited from it. No investigation on the pair, the Main Stream Manure Media turned their heads and walked away from the sordid mess.

  • Most of the time you get what you pay for – pay for with DIRTY MONEY – YOU GET A DIRTY POLITICIAN????????????

  • I hope everyone of them are happy with themselves and leave be to regret it. He’s a pawn. Can’t do anything unless Kamala and Pelosi tells him to

  • Yeah I’m guessing approximately 80 million Americans are having voter’s remorse about right now. Oh wait. Biden didn’t have that many votes.

  • democrats aren’t the smartest voters in the country. keep voting for the same politicians year after year just because they want free stuff that they never get.

  • I voted for our current President ” D.TRUMP” & am waiting for conclusion of his Admin in Jan,2025! We know he is our true & Current President! He is just waiting for all the plays before he makes Justice appear in the last move he makes! Biden is Not an Elected President. And I truly believe this will change within a Few weeks! BYE BYE Nasty Peloser, Smuck Shiter, and those of the likes of A-deem Schitz Sniffer!
    Hello & Welcome back, FREE AMERICA!

  • So you who voted for dementia are responsible for our country to go to pot. I hope you are happy because there are a lot of us who are not. Biden is a serial lier and has the beginnings of dementia an now we all have to pay the price for your ignorance.

      • Misspell any “strong words”. Don’t actually print any direct actions of violence. Read your post with a demonRat type logic before sending. You’ve gotten on the “bad” list and your posts are auto selected for censure.

    • Anyone see the short 18 second video of Biden sitting there saying ” I don’t know what I am signing. ” It was more EO’s. Also, do not get carried away. It is to early for that. Don’t expect anything fantastic to occur either. It is just starting to get much worse.

      • When Alzheimer-Joe was “signing EO’s” )not knowing at all what he was signing) Kamala Harris was standing next to him watching him closely like a vulture

  • Joe Biden is raping Lady Liberty. ..and isn’t even smelling her hair.

    and you voted for it. Even after everyone told you not to.

  • Definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over, but expecting different results.


  • DEMOCRAT LAMENT: “TOO SOON OLD, TOO LATE SMART!” How sad, apparently “feelings” are the only brain waves that operate among these FOOLS, until they FEEL the BURN! Sadly, they when they blow holes in our collective boat, we all go down with the ship, together!

  • There is something you can do now to try to stem the damage being done. Politely call, write, text or email your “representatives” and tell them that you’re not pleased with the recent Democratic decisions and actions. Explain to them how these horrible decisions are going to impact you and your loved ones. Then simply explain to them that if they don’t help us, you can stop them in 2022 with your vote to give the House and the Senate back to the Republicans. This is the only thing you can reasonably do. Be prepared for higher gasoline and drug prices, more illegals bringing higher crime and more disease, and more foreign interference in our lives. Oh yes, and don’t forget to ask them to protect the people from voter fraud. Your vote is the major way you have to tell politicians that you are not satisfied. If they take that away from us, the options are brutal and unthinkable. Good luck to you and your family.

    • It is, perhaps, naive to write to your/my elected govt officials, this suggestion has been made many times over the years without noticeable results….

      What is needed is transparency…….into their activity from day of election thur
      their time in office….if you want to keep any elected official honest….it has to start on day one….little can be done after the dishonesty occurs….

  • jo told you exactly what he would do. On day one he would give amnesty, and let illegals in, he would be for open borders, he would shut down pipeline so dont give me that crap that you didnt know.! Defund police, wouldnt answer POTUS TRUMP on debate about packing the court because of cowardice, bt We kept telling you. So now, we have to live with this nightmare!

  • Their plan is to have joey out using the 25th amendment. Then communist Kamel becomes president. She is tightly wrapped in marxist/communist clothing. Then the worst will come. Californication of America.

  • So they are having second thoughts. What did the voters expect? Now they are finding out the hard way they didn’t get the leaders they thought they were electing. This is what happens when voters elect shameless grandstander’s with a superiority complex and no leadership skills. They didn’t do their homework. If they had, they would have known Biden is doing what he promised in his campaign.

    Voters need to do research and that requires a little work. That’s right. I said that four letter word, “WORK,” and it really isn’t all that hard. If you are able to read this you have the means to do that research without leaving the comfort of home.

    Do not be fooled by what the candidates, in both parties, say in their campaign speeches and debates. Those are just words and slogans. Edward R. Murrow said “Our major obligation is not to mistake slogans for solutions.” Actions speak louder than words. Research the candidates. Look at their past voting records, accomplishments, backgrounds, the issues they supported, activities they participated in, books they may have wrote and the organizations they joined. Those things can tell you quite a lot about the person.

    The important thing is to get out and vote and try to encourage those who don’t vote to get off dead center and do so, or we could loose this Republic the Founding Fathers started for us. The more legally eligible people vote, the harder it is to stuff ballot boxes. Those who don’t vote deserve the government they get. They did just as much to put Biden in the White House and the politicians in Washington just as much as the ones who voted for them. Apathy made him President and Apathy will keep him there for another four years. APATHY IS THE GREATEST THREAT TO OUR LIBERTIES AND FREEDOMS! NOT LIBERAL POLITICIANS.

  • Not only did the dumb Fem voters screw us and the a republican party, but worst than that our judicial system and judges F ** ked is royally. Why aren’t they hearing the election fraud investigations now so we can kick these A holes out of office and put them in prison. Why hasn’t Hunter been indicted yet so we can put him and Daddy and the whole family in jail where they belong.

  • Joe Biden was a liar for YEARS! We found out more about his crooked nature when he admitted on camera he blackmailed a Chinese leader in order to promote his son, the drug-addict Hunter. We knew he is a puppet, has dementia, and is being used by the deep state (the CABAL) in order to establish ONE WORLD ORDER, with China in the driver’s seat. We KNEW, and tried to warn people, but they wouldn’t listen. We KNEW that the DNC was doing every underhanded thing they could come up with in order to discredit President Trump. We KNEW the election was illegal. Now, those who simply DIDN’T LIKE TRUMP, and voted for Biden, are going to reap what they sowed. It makes me sick. The left listened to the Swamp creatures and the media, felt sorry for Biden, and voted for him simply because they couldn’t see that President Trump was making America a safe place to live.. and they decided to ignore all the good things he did, and instead voted for evil. Now they are sorry. Too late, people. Things are going to get worse before we can get the evil ones out of office. I hope America doesn’t abandon Capitalism in favor of the Chinese Communist Party and Queen Hoho…

    • They got away with stilling this election what makes you thank they won’t still the next election in the same way and there is no republicans party they became the democratic jr party they are so power hungry they will do anything the democratic tell them to do or not to do the republicans jr party are under the Democratic Party control

  • To the linked playlist, “Who’s Sorry Now” and “Backstabbers”, I would add from 1979 “He’s Going To Step On You Again” by John Kongos. Read the lyrics and then enjoy the music.

  • This stupid jackas in one day has put thousands upon thousands of men and woman out of jobs …he has put thousands upon thousands of people out of work in alaska because of ANWAR, in the Alaska wildernes . and signed a mandate to abort and kill live babies , and let loose dangerous convicts , and decided to open the borders to unvetted animals from reign

  • I won’t delight in saying I told you so, because the damage China Joe has already done will pale in comparison to what’s ahead. But if I hear complaints from lefties I’ll be sure to ask them who they voted for. Next time pull your head out of your anal orifice & pay attention. The least that will happen is your wallet will become lighter from his tax hikes. I do feel for those who have or will lose their jobs. Buckle up, It’s gonna be a rough ride.

  • It now seems that more and more Democrats are leaving California, New York, New Jersey, etc. and moving to Conservative states like Texas and Georgia. They are doing this because their state taxes were getting higher all the time and the cost of living was through the roof, along with job-killing regulations. They moved to the lower-cost, lower tax Conservative states and then started voting Democrat again. See a problem here? If you don’t like a Democrat-run state, don’t move to a Non-Democrat state and vote Democrat! Is that clear?

    • It’s kind of like how illegals and miscreants leave their countries and come over here because of the conditions there. Then, when they get here,they try to do everything they can to make this country just like the one they just because of the way it was!!!

  • The Dems, the liberals, the progressive reprobates deserve what they get and hopefully get it before the rest of us. That’s the way people with a lack of character and integrity work. Imagine they didnt like the “WAY TRUMP ACTED” well he “ACTED” on our behalf, he made promises and kept them, he did more for this country with both hands tied behind his back that the Free reign NWO people did with all their years combined. But self righteous people” I didnt like the way he acted” Well how’s the white, the pimp and his thug criminals working out for you?

  • Well hope they learned a good lesson. Actions speak louder than words. Trump was a man of his word and actually did the things he promised when running for office.

  • Leadership?!.

    The Seven C’s of Leadership according to a survey of Vietnam era ground combat veterans listed of the order of their importance to the veterans are; Candor, Competence, Consistency, Commitment, Courage, Compassion, and Courtesy. The reason the soldiers in the survey chose the word “candor” is because candor encompasses both omission and co-mission. To a combat soldier lack of absolute candor, be it co-mission or omission, are equal sins! In short, soldiers expect/demand absolute candor from their leaders before all else. Note: I regret that I can not disclose the actions many soldiers took when those appointed to lead them were less than candid with them! All I will say is that many combat soldiers proved to be masters of the application of cost effective personnel management tools!

    During my career in government service I have observed that democrats are masters of co-mission while republicans are masters of omission! Regardless, the disregard of absolute candor (and the absence of the other six C’s of leadership) has resulted in the American people being the most effectively lied to people in modern times thanks primarily to the American political class, the American bureaucracy, the American media, and American academia.

    Challenge: Though most politicians, bureaucrats, academicians, media types, etc. do not seem to recognize the fact that they are elected/appointed to serve the American people, not to lead them from womb to tomb! That aside, can anyone name three individuals from any of the categories of personnel mentioned herein who display with consistency that they are aware of and practice the Seven C’s of Leadership?

    Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired
    1. One more thought regarding Donald J. Trump. It is said he has never left a job undone; he always leaves when the job is done! Guess what? The job ain’t done!
    2. Donald, one final though I will help in any way except; I ain’t going to tote one of those damn M-60’s. S/C/G

  • Anyone who knows Biden knows that he is a serial liar. From plagiarism in college to fabricated personal stories, he either takes credit for something he didn’t do or he makes up stories to fit the narrative. Trump may have exaggerated some things but overall he cared about the US not the globalists.

  • We warned them, but they listened to the “fake news”, bought and paid for by the DNC and the CCP. They voted for Biden simply because they didn’t like Trump, without researching who was behind the CABAL. The Soros/Clinton/Obama/Gates/Fauci Mafia Machine, the Chinese Communist Party.. and the rest of the Cabal… all working towards One World Order under Communism. Didn’t these people ever research history? Don’t they KNOW what socialism/communism is, has been, and will always be about? Well, live and learn! The germ warfare spread by China will continue until Bill Gates dream of global depopulation is achieved. Gates has purchased close to 300,000 acres of farmland in America, and is planting. He has also just announced that people should quit eating beef and eat (his) plant-based beef substitute in order to slow down global warming. Evidently, everything and everyone who passes farts is contributing to global warming, along with trees. I always thought trees breathed in carbon dioxide (which we exhale) and then they breathe out oxygen (which we inhale). Solution: plant more trees and let the mills go back to taking care of the forests. (The not only harvest trees, they clear the brush, which help keep forest fires down. Gates has a screw loose, I think… so do all the rest of the Cabal, who care about nothing but the almighty dollar, and POWER!

  • I said it would not take long before people who voted for Biden, would soon find out just how mush they were lied to. I told you soooooooooooooooooo.

  • These people feel awful because their votes put a dummy in office and he’s in the process of screwing up the works. But, they shouldn’t beat themselves up for being so stupid-it is likely Biden would have still won even if none of them voted for him. Biden was going to win even if every single voter in the country voted for Trump.

  • It’s interesting how these idiots like to play the “I Didn’t Know” excuse! But it also points our the possibility that they were really that stupid! I like to think most of the Republicans knew what to expect. However, we do have the idiots like liz chaney and mitt romney whose cabal, “The Never Trumpers” think they will be appreciated in their next election. I would hope the Wyoming and Utah people have better sense. Wyoming is a possibility but Utah has shown many times their head is in places I won’t mention.

  • No,the Biggest mistake they ever made was swallowing the BLUE PILL…Quick Take the Red Pill & Join us!

  • President Trump had to fight every single day against the establishment. He did so for the good of all Americans. That’s what 75 million voters liked about him. Biden voters do you understand why he had to be like that. The left wing radical Democrats are all liars.

  • Joe “Dumbest Man in Washington, DC” Biden and the Democrats are just being EXACTLY WHO and WHAT THEY ARE – Self-centered, POWER MAD, ANTI-AMERICAN, DEMAGOGUES!

  • Biden voters were too lazy to research the backgrounds of the Biden camp and believed all the lies coming from social media sites and MSM. Will they wake up to the fact that the election was stolen and all that Trump did for this country in his four years while fighting off a Russian collusion hoax? Now they will pay for their laziness and figure out they have been duped. Problem is…they are taking the rest of us who knew all along how evil the Biden, Harris, Pelosi group are, down with them. Maybe if enough people wake up and after suffering the consequences, we will be able to take our country back. Hopefully it won’t be too late.

  • Biden has to go before our country is gone. He belongs in nursing home not the White House for goodness sake. From now on every candidate should be required to take a cognitive test by certified people before they can run for office. What we have now is so embarrassing.

  • I can hardly wait for the Democratic voters to drowned at the bottom of Swamp Slime Lake in D.C.
    I can think of no one more deserving than them.
    Ye shall receive what thy wished for from Biden and the democrats for the next four years.

  • I hear many democrat voters justify their vote by saying “I just don’t like the way Trump acted”. But Biden is supposed to be better? Never accompolished anything. Lied and now it was plain to see he was cognitively impaired. Many of us didn’t approve of Trump’s early personal life, but what we were voting for wasn’t his life style, but his ability to lead a great company (like the USA) and turn in results that matter to the survival of this nation. I didn’t vote for Trump so much as I voted for what he could (and did) do for this country.

  • Anyone with half a brain knew exactly where this illegal admin was heading. It was being said over and over. I’m astounded that year after year the lies that are being perpetrated upon people are believed time after time again. Doing the same stupid things over and over expecting a different outcome is the prime definition of stupidity. Hopefully one day we can separate the stupid from the critical thinkers. They deserve everything they get. They say they didn’t like Trump because of things he said… about the evil and hateful things that came from and continue to come from the left toward anyone who doesn’t by into their Commie BS.

  • “One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” ― Plato

  • It is time too remove Pelosi , Nadler , Warren , Romney , Schumer and Biden and Harris from office.
    Feinstein needs to go .
    Dump the leftist swamp creatures, all of them.

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