ICE Sting Enraging Liberals Was Actually Started Under Obama

It seems like Republicans are always getting blamed for the things that Democrats do.

Remember when George W Bush was faulted for exploding the deficit in fiscal 2009? It was due to $1.3 trillion in spending all passed after Bush left office and signed into law by Barack Obama.

Remember the kids in cages? We heard all about how this is how Trump treats illegal children. But at the end of the day, the pictures were of Obama’s detention centers, and Trump’s centers all have beds.

Then we heard how Trump colluded with Russia – and again it turned out to be Hillary and the DNC who colluded with Russians to create the fake Steele dossier.

Now, Democrats accuse Donald Trump of a quid pro quo deal in Ukraine, but the only proof of a quid pro quo deal was the one Biden made in order to get the prosecutor investigating his son fired by withholding a one billion dollar loan guaranty.

Now we have the latest knock against President Trump and ICE, with liberals decrying the sting that caught nearly 250 Indians for immigration fraud.

Guess what? That sting started under Barack Obama too.

From The Western Journal:

That’s activist Ben Spielberg, noting the case of the University of Northern New Jersey.

UNNJ was created by ICE, just like the University of Farmington. According to BuzzFeed News, the sting began in 2013 and led to 21 individuals who acted as brokers and middlemen being charged.

In addition, the “students” all had their visas terminated and flagged for fraud — a problem if they ever wished to return to the United States.

At the time, Louis Farrell, then the director of ICE’s Student and Exchange Visitor Program, said students “should be wary of any recruiter who promises they can work without restrictions while attending school.”

Yes, this made news, but it didn’t cause outrage. The Democratic Party didn’t have its knives out for the Obama administration or Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Yet, now it’s “cruel and appalling,” according to a front-runner for the Democratic nomination.


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