Two large groups and IT volunteers have been scouring the records from the November election. What they have found is totally unbelievable. Not only was there alleged cheating in the election, but it appears there were multiple people working to assure that Biden would be the winner.

If this is true, this is not a small operation. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of possibly fake ballots.

No matter who you rooted for, you should want to know if the election was fair and honest. Let them be investigated and the guilty could be punished or else the system will be exonerated of all charges.

For instance, Joltin’ Joe Frazier requested a mail-in ballot and he voted for Biden. I was always a Joltin’ Joe fan, but I believe that nine years ago when he died, he may have been a Republican.

All told, IT specialists found about 300,000 discrepancies in the voting. That’s an incredible number considering that Biden only leads Trump by 64,000 votes. This would be a game changer if enough ballots get tossed.

So, what did they find? The Gateway Pundit has reported (But not verified by this writer or this site) that 220,883 votes were systematically switched from President Trump to Joe Biden (net) and another 941,248 votes were lost completely.

The Epoch Times reported the following in Pennsylvania:

More than 20,000 absentee ballots in Pennsylvania have impossible return dates and another more than 80,000 have return dates that raise questions, according to a researcher’s analysis of the state’s voter database.

Over 51,000 ballots were marked as returned just a day after they were sent out—an extraordinary speed, given U.S. Postal Service (USPS) delivery times, while nearly 35,000 were returned on the same day they were mailed out. Another more than 23,000 have a return date earlier than the sent date. More than 9,000 have no sent date.

The analysis of the publicly available data was conducted by a data researcher who submitted it first to the Chinese-language edition of The Epoch Times. The researcher, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he consulted about the matter with several USPS field engineers, who said the return dates shown in the database are “impossible.”

What happened in Pennsylvania or rather Philadelphia in particular appear to be manufacturing votes if the information we are receiving is correct. The city refused to allow Republican monitors to watch the counting of the ballots.

Even after a judge issued na ruling saying the monitors had to be admitted. The entire system is rife with fraud. I think this will go to the Supreme Court.


Steven Ahle

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