Hamas supporters CAIR is already making a move on President Kamala Harris to tear down programs that interfere with terrorists. It’s just not fair to target terrorists.

This is America and that’s just not who we are. A lot of Democrats in the House would be pleased to oblige them but I suspect Biden would have to do it with an executive order.

1. Fundamentally reform the federal government’s unconstitutional Terrorist Screening Database (TSDB), commonly referred to as the “terrorism watchlist.”

2. Dismantle the TSA’s secretive Quiet Skies passenger tracking program, its international counterpart Silent Partner and other rules-based lists, that operate without Congressional oversight to single out law-abiding Muslim travelers for official harassment and extrajudicial consequences without due process.

3. Oppose and defund the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (“DHS”) 2020 “Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention” (“TVTP”) grant program, the successor of DHS’s previous Countering Violent Extremism (“CVE”) grant program.

4. End the FBI’s use of informants to spy on American Muslim communities.

5. Reject any new domestic terrorism statutes.

These conditions would make terrorism easy and gives law enforcement little if any chance of preventing a terrorist attack. Considering most of the attacks are suicide bombers and others who just want to be martyrs, we can’t even prosecute them after the fact.

This plan would give terrorists and mosques that support jihad a huge advantage over law enforcement efforts.

From PJ Media

This is so much eyewash, as there is nothing among these 33 demands that is designed to protect and respect the rights of anyone but Muslims, but this sort of thing plays well with the media, and so it’s always worth throwing in.

For example, one of the demands is “Support the free speech of all Americans and the right to boycott without government interference.” Another demands an “end the U.S. Department of Education’s attempts to suppress free speech on college campuses, including attempts to target Middle Eastern studies courses and punishing Palestinian student activists.”

These are not calls for the support of the freedom of speech as such. CAIR’s support for the freedom of speech here is stated only in connection to protesting Israel. When it comes to criticism of Islam, CAIR’s commitment to the freedom of speech suddenly weakens.

It also demands the removal of “alt-right and Islamophobic online resources” from “existing vetting practices,” which is essentially a call for the removal of material that speaks honestly about the motivating ideology behind jihad terrorism.

All such material was removed years ago, so it’s unclear what CAIR spokesman Ibrahim “Honest Ibe” Hooper is in a lather about here. But free speech? Not really high on CAIR’s agenda at all.


Steven Ahle

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  • Did anyone say New World Order, the Leftist in charge of our government appear to be doing everything in their power to destroy the foundations that holds our nation together. This new attempt to lower our guard against terrorist claiming we are violating their right is total insanity. Couple this with Joe Biden’s news address today regarding opening our the borders it just pure insanity. They going for a reset, a reset creating a new United States, where the current citizens will become slave to support the influx of new Leftist voter from around the world. Insanity, this needs to stop!

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