GOP To Argue Whistleblower’s Protections Voided By Consulting With Schiff Prior To Filing Complaint, Report Says

Adam Schiff is not nearly as slick as he thinks he is. He was sure he would get away with talking to the alleged whistleblower even when he was forced to deny it. In doing so, he destroyed any claim of He Who Shall Not Be Named to whistleblower status. According to the Whistleblower statute, anyone claiming whistleblower recognition must first go to the Inspector General, but he didn’t. He shared information with Schiff, wiping out his claim to protection. He was never really entitled to it anyway because he can only claim that status by reporting something within the Intelligence community — of which the president is not.

The alleged whistleblower never had the right to anonymity. No such right is afforded to any whistleblower, let alone one who is politically motivated. He can be subpoenaed and forced to testify before Congress, something he wanted to avoid like the plague. If he is forced to testify, his lawyer will probably advise him to take the fifth. He will not want to confirm that he is a long-time denizen of the Deep State, and was a key member of the coup against the president.

From The Daily Wire

The Republican counsel for the impeachment inquiry will reportedly demand that the whistleblower offer public testimony, rather than closed-door or written testimony, pointing to the fact that he consulted with the Democrat leading the impeachment effort prior to filing the complaint that triggered the inquiry. Since the whistleblower approached House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) before he was officially protected under whistleblower status, Republicans will reportedly contend, the author of the complaint should not be afforded whistleblower protections.

The report comes from RealClearInvestigations’ Paul Sperry, who first published the alleged identity of the whistleblower. “Republican counsel for impeachment inquiry will make argument for whistleblower’s public testimony based on fact he consulted with, and provided information to, Schiff’s office BEFORE filing whistleblower complaint and BEFORE he was shielded by whistleblower protections,” Sperry tweeted Thursday.



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