GOP Group Rolls Out Map Ahead Of 2020 Election Showing How Green New Deal Could Impact Swing States

A Virginia-based GOP group has put together an interactive map that shows you the number of jobs that are at risk should the Green New Deal become law, and how much more you will pay for heating and cooling a month.

My state, South Carolina, has the second-highest increase in electricity at $402 a month, or $4800 a year.

Hawaii is number one at $427 a month.

Job losses would be extraordinary.

Texas alone could have job losses of 1, 985,200.

What do you do with nearly 2 million people losing their job in one state alone?

And Texas is not alone. Other states could suffer job losses, such as 730,600 jobs at risk in California, 322,600 jobs at risk in Pennsylvania, nearly 2 million jobs at risk in Texas, and more than 232,000 jobs in peril in Colorado.

On the bright side, you never have to worry about traffic jams because you won’t have gas for your car.

Of course, you will have to get a second job or turn off your furnace or air conditioner.

Oh…wait…there will be no jobs to get.

You could heat your house by burning your utility bills.

From The Daily Caller:

“The Green New Deal is the most radical proposal ever embraced by liberal politicians,” Chris Martin, AR2’s communications director, said in a press statement Wednesday before the group rolled out the website.

The group’s map relies on data collected in a 2017 study by the American Petroleum Institute, a U.S. trade association representing the oil and natural gas industry. One February 2019 report from the conservative-leaning American Action Forum suggested the GND could cost up to $93 trillion.

He added: “Every American deserves to know how many jobs it could destroy in their state and how much their energy costs could increase should this liberal pipe dream ever be implemented.”

Pennsylvanians could see their energy prices increase by up to $327 per month, according to the map. Alabama could see its energy prices ratchet up by more than $400 per month if activists successfully cajole Democratic lawmakers into introducing and passing a new version of GND.

Click here to see the interactive map.


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