Google Whistleblower Kicks the Lid off From Google’s Bias Tactics [VIDEO]

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Project Veritas has brought forth several whistleblowers, but none with so much information as Zachary Vorhies. He has provided 950 pages of documentation, explaining how Google uses its algorithm to censor conservatives in order to interfere with the election process. Vorhies decided to go public after Google sent him a letter and then sent the FBI and police to do a “wellness check” on him. He has sent documents to the DOJ’s Antitrust Division for investigation.

From Newsbusters

Google used a blacklist and a blocklist for search results. And those two lists reportedly blocked a large amount of conservative content from the app — including NewsBusters. 

A Google whistleblower, Zachary Vorhies, shared several documents with James O’Keefe and Project Veritas that were released August 14. These documents included a document with a Google Now blacklist and Google block list, and hundreds of other pages of material from internal Google memos, emails, and guidelines. This allegedly impacted the app and not all Google searches. 

That block list included NewsBusters, MRCTV, Twitchy, Conservative Tribune, FrontPage Mag, RedState, Christian Post, Daily Caller, and Catholic News Agency, among others. 

Google Now was part of Google Search built for Androids and iOS. According to Lifehacker, Google Now put cards, which looked like a smaller version of the discontinued Knowledge Panel, in browsers “to display cards it thinks may be relevant to you at the moment.” While the branding for Google Now has been discontinued, the structure is still a part of the Android Google search. 

These blocked sites, according to Google, “had a high user block rate.” In addition, Google Now had a blacklist that blocked certain sites completely, regardless of who blocked them or not. These included torrent sites and eBay. Vorhies told Veritas that this was a “blacklist,” which listed certain sites because of the “high user block rate.” 

Leaked documents

Below is an index of internal Google documents Project Veritas received from the Google insider. Each folder can be downloaded by clicking on the links in the table. Project Veritas has not re-named any of the files, but did arrange the documents into the downloadable folders below.


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