Google Channels Goebbels… Lists This Company as Number 1 Pro-Life Organization

I could ask you what the number one pro-life organization was and give you all day and unlimited guesses and the odds are you would never guess who Google shows in the top spot. It wasn’t enough for Google and their subsidiary YouTube to censor conservatives, now they want to pull a Josef Goebbels and spread the great lies. If you go to Google search and type in “list of pro-life organizations” the first entry is Planned Parenthood. I’m not joking. Try it for yourself.

This is what you see:

The same thing happens if you search on your I-Phone:

Last year, Planned Parenthood performed well over 300,000 abortions.

It is time that all social media platforms be declared public utilities and regulated by the federal government to prevent them from being the primary source for Americans all across the country. Facebook has cut President Trump’s access to his followers by a whopping 45% while no liberal has seen a drop off at all. Write you elected officials and tell them what you think.


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