GONE in 30 Seconds…Illegal Alien Culture Appropriation [VIDEO]

In the following video, you will see a flash mob of young Blacks rush into the store and grab off what could be considered freebies since they have no intention of paying for them. My question is, what is the worst thing they could be charged with, larceny, or culture appropriation? Large numbers of illegal aliens rush our borders with their hands out for government freebies. What is the difference? Which crime carries the stiffest penalties? My guess is culture appropriation because Democrats will excuse larceny but will destroy you for culture appropriation. The mob rushed the store, and individuals each grabbed two armfuls of clothing and then quickly ran away.

From The Western Journal

According to Kenosha News, Sgt. Aaron Schaffer of the Pleasant Prairie Police Department said that at 7:45 p.m. on Monday evening, “10 black males entered the store and each grabbed as much merchandise as they could carry before running to the cars and leaving the property.”

surveillance video of the mass theft incident can be seen below.

The video clearly shows the flash mob thieves casually entering the retail store and within seconds they begin grabbing a variety of apparel items before running out — and it only took about 30 seconds.

Within that very short amount of time, the mob was able to run out with a staggering $30,000 worth of merchandise.

One of the reasons these young men were bold enough to pull off the stunt is due to the fact that so many retail stores in America have policies that prevent store employees, or even store security, from pursuing thieves.

security officer with a “Walmart-style retail chain” explained to curious users how best to steal from retail box stores without being caught by employees or security and part of the attraction is the “no chase” policy, according to Business Insider.


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