Rudy Giuliani on Sham Impeachment: Democrats Should Be Sued for for Conspiracy to Defraud the United States

Don’t you wish Rudy Giuliani wasn’t so shy? Of course, I’m kidding. No one can ever accuse Rudy Giuliani of being a wallflower.

I lived in the Metro NYC area when Giuliani was a prosecutor and then mayor.

The Times Square area was a blight on the city, filled with peep shows, prostitution and drugs.

I moved from the area before Rudy’s last term, but had to go to Port Authority at Times Square – and it was a totally different world.

By the same token, the man is fearless.

For years the  local mob families had a hit out on him and instead of backing off, he took on the mob-controlled Jacob Javits Convention Center and kicked them all out.

Now, Rudy is taking on the Bidens and other Democrats who sold out their country for cash.

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He says the process will continue for two or three weeks.

He has documents to back up his accusations like any good prosecutor should, and remember, Rudy was a great prosecutor.

He also says the State Department still refuses visas for Ukrainian officials who want to give the FBI information on corruption in Ukraine by their own officials and Democrats here in the United States.

From The Gateway Pundit:


Rudy also said Democrat officials conspired with foreign officials to “destroy” the Trump candidacy!

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On Friday morning Rudy Giuliani went on FOX and Friends to reveal his evidence on the Biden family’s Ukrainian corruption. Rudy claims the US State Department will still not give visas to several Ukrainian officials who want to come to the US to testify against the Obama administration corruption.

Rudy Giuliani: I’m going to present over the next two to three weeks shocking crimes at the highest levels of both governments while the senate is listening to a total phony group of stories about non-impeachable offenses. It’s like trying somebody for not a crime. It’s a total waste of money. It’s a complete show on the part of the Democrats. And they should be sued for conspiracy to defraud the United States. And they should pay for that hearing.


  1. WOOOHOOO!! Finally! I watched him on Fox & Friends but I couldnt find his podcast. I’m too poor for subscriptions, so I’ll have to wait a little while longer to celebrate 😉🇺🇸♥️TRUMP2020 TRUMPJR2024 ETRUMP2032 IVANKAT2040


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