Georgia’s election board has referred 98 cases of voter fraud for prosecution. Some voted twice, but some voted in the name of the dead. This is just more of the rare voter fraud we have been seeing all year, but the mail-in balloting seems to be the largest portion of the illegal actions.

Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger (R),  announced that his office had been sent 98 cases of voter fraud.  Some of the cases go back as far as 2014. Much of the voter fraud that goes on is almost impossible to catch, especially in mail-in balloting.  Every illegal vote is another voter being displaced.

In two of the cases, there was double voting in presidential elections.  Several of the cases concerned voter fraud they consider felonies. They were referred to the Attorney General of Georgia. The miscreants will face criminal charges. One woman registered her two children who are felons to vote and she cast votes in their names. She cast those votes by mail.

Raffensperger just-released state data showing that about 1,000 voters double-voted in the June primary.  That was more of the rare voter fraud that Democrats insist does not exist. n July, the Public Interest Legal Foundation filed an amicus brief in Georgia showing that 4,200 dead people are still on the voting rolls.

In 2018, nine people were arrested in a plot to use mail-in ballots to fix an election. That operation was run by a Democratic official, who bankrolled the project.  In Paterson, New Jersey this year, 19% of all ballots in the primary election were tossed due to voter fraud.  In the bulk of those cases, the signatures on the ballot did not match the signature on their voter registration cards.

Not surprisingly, the Democrats are trying to get the practice of matching up signatures eliminated. That could spoil their plot to manufacture votes for their party. The Democrats knowing that Joe Biden and their other candidates can’t win will be manufacturing votes in huge numbers in order to secure victory.

The Heritage Foundation’s election fraud database is now up to 1,258 proven cases of voter fraud. Many of them through the use of ballots being mailed in.

From The Daily Signal

Heritage’s database is by no means comprehensive. It doesn’t capture all voter fraud cases and certainly doesn’t capture reported instances that aren’t even investigated or prosecuted. The database is intended to demonstrate the vulnerabilities in the election system and the many ways in which fraud is committed.

We try to keep a close eye on public information about potential cases through local news stories, court documents, county records, and police reports. But even that is difficult to do in a country as large as the United States, with hundreds of elections every year.

Examples include impersonation fraud at the polls; false voter registrations; duplicate voting; fraudulent absentee ballots; vote buying; illegal assistance and intimidation of voters; ineligible voting, such as by aliens; altering of vote counts; and ballot petition fraud.

Take the case of April Atilano, who was found guilty of changing party affiliations of voters and forging signatures on voter registration forms.  That took place in Madera County, California. Diligent poll workers caught the changing of the ballots, otherwise it could have changed the results of the election.

Democrats insist that voter fraud does not change the results of the elections. But, in Ohio over 100 races were decided by two votes or less. Voter fraud has become more common as Democrats get rule changes that make it harder to catch these crimes. We can expect voter fraud in the 2020 elections and the presidential race could be decided by it.

Voter ID laws which are the best way to stop illegal voting have been tossed by liberal judges coast to coast. Matching signatures have been too effective in catching voter fraud, so Democrats want it eliminated. Voting is the most essential thing that citizens do to decide the path their leaders will take. Voting is a fundamental right of a free people.

One person, one vote, is most desirable. It keeps voters from being disenfranchised. Fair elections are free elections. Voter fraud changes all of that. New York had to throw out tens of thousands of fraudulent votes. In close elections, the possibility of theft is rampant, but it is nearly impossible to catch sometimes. Democrats want to make it tougher. They will do whatever is necessary to make it happen, but we need to be diligent.

The Supreme Court needs to make itself heard in these cases. We cannot continue to see our voting system compromised. Voting is too important. It’s the foundation of our country, but we see it slipping away.



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  • There must be proper Voter ID, or might as well give the election and the country away! There are far too many instances of voter fraud and some appear to be manipulating voting by mail (not absentee voting, as there we can check/match voter signatures – but now democrats trying to eliminate that!)

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