The General Accounting Office is investigating Joe Biden’s use of Executive Order cutting off funding for the border wall. Remember when Democrats claimed that Trump was a dictator?

They lost many court battles because they sued even when they didn’t have a leg to stand on. But, funding does not originate with the presidency unless a state of emergency is declared.

Trump declared the border as a disaster area, Biden simply followed his liberal agenda, which has no force of law.

So, if the GAO decides Biden could not legally stop the construction with money already allocated, Biden will have to restore all of the funding and the six million a day paid out in penalties to construction companies cannot be included in that amount.

However, he is not obligated to sign any new contracts that would need additional funding. Trump will have to complete that if her decides to run in 2024.

Politico reported:

On his first day in office, Biden hit pause on billions of dollars set to be spent on his predecessor’s long-touted barrier between the U.S. and Mexico while his administration figured out next steps for the money. Now the Government Accountability Office is launching a review to determine whether the new president broke the law by freezing the money in violation of budget rules designed to keep Congress in control of the cash flow, the federal watchdog confirmed this week.

An unfavorable ruling from GAO would bolster Republicans in branding Biden as a rule-breaker as they blame him for the surge of migrants and unaccompanied children at the southern border. The pause on spending “directly contributed” to that flood of border crossers.

Senate Republicans said in their plea last week for GAO to opine on the issue. More than 70 House Republicans followed Tuesday in asking for a GAO opinion, which the watchdog typically provides whenever a member of Congress requests one.

Members of the GOP in congress complained to the GAO that Biden was withholding money that was appropriated by Congress that the president has no right to cut off.

It might not be all that bad if Biden gets away with it. That would allow the next Republican president to cut funding for Planned Parenthood, NPR and public broadcasting which should be paid for by the DNC in my opinion.


Steven Ahle

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  • Biden has broken government rules ever since I can remember. That money was allotted to complete the wall to keep illegals from entering our country and he needs to replace every penny of it along with paying the company (s) that were putting the wall up. That is not his money. He should not spend millions of hotel bills to put those people in hotels. There are millions of Americans who need that help and is not given to them, especially homeless veterans.

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