A group of volunteer IT men and women have been bust analyzing the election results and their efforts have paid off. They have found 43,000 questionable votes in the six swing states still in dispute.

Remember, they do not have access to important data that could raise that number significantly. Many of them come with indications that the voters had moved, possibly out of state.

Here are the numbers so far:

PA 7,426

GA 17,877

NV 5,145

MI 1,688

WI 6,245

AZ 5,084

You see they found 17,877 in Georgia. Biden currently leads by less than 15,000. That would be a game changer.

The group feels confident in their analysis:

– We are confident we’ve identified these early/absentee double voters after analyzing just a few adjacent states:

PA: 631 (Not including New York).
NV: 987


— Matt Braynard (@MattBraynard) November 12, 2020

They are doing great work but they are seeking contributions to help cover their expenses. Their favorite eating place? Chick-Fil -A

Matt Braynard@MattBraynard·– We are sharing this data with the campaign’s legal team in addition to expanding this double-voter search to all fifty states and to election day voting. This requires us to purchase a national voter file. 4/5255932.8K

Matt Braynard@MattBraynard·– HQ Team has a new favorite lunch spot. – Please help us with these growing expenses: https://givesendgo.com/voterintegrity

They have just started but the irony of the thing is no matter what they discover it will come down to the courts. Democrats will demand that any judge appointed by Trump recuse themselves.

Funny how they have no problem with liberal activist judges making the rulings. How many Obama suits did Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor vote on?

There are other groups working to identify ballots that should be tossed and one group claims they have found 300,000 illegitimate votes. That would change a lot of results.

Even the post office has been alleged to have committed voter fraud by back dating ballots Could this election be any more corrupt? Only a revote without mail in balloting would remedy the situation.


Steven Ahle

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