The sensational duo of Diamond and Silk whose real names are Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson, have written a book titled “Uprising: Who the Hell Said You Can’t Ditch and Switch?—The Awakening of Diamond and Silk.” In the book, they implied that racism is the reason they were fired.

I’m not certain of that. It could be that they were too popular and too partisan on a station that is evolving towards the dark side of the force, better known as liberalism.

Fox had to ax them when they did because once they gained major audiences, they would not be able to get rid of them. Look at it this way, they did nothing that hosts such as Hannity and Carlson advocate. But they are too popular to fire.

Of course, I could be wrong, but another passage in the book could be proof that I am right:


The debacle started when left-wing rag, the Daily Beast claimed that Diamond and Silk said that DTMNBN (Disease That Must Not Be Named)  was a hoax created to hurt President Trump. Of course, they did not say that DTMNBN was a hoax. They said the hype the Democrats were spewing was the hoax. Other Fox hosts said the same thing with no repercussions.

Both of our favorite gals were upset that Fox did not defend them against the lies. Instead, Fox used the Daily Beast story as a means of firing the dynamic duo. They probably wanted to fire them after they turned down the $150,000 to quit supporting Trump, but the optics would have been very bad.

Diamond said:

“I was furious. Where the hell was Fox? Where was their PR department? Why the hell didn’t they correct the lies published by The Daily Beast? Why didn’t Fox speak up?”

Silk added:

“Why were our Fox Nation videos dialed back because they were deemed overly political,” she continued, “but it was okay for others on the network to talk about politics, even down to asking some of the same questions we had? Why were we such a threat? We only did one video every week, and it was hidden behind a paid subscription wall. When you really think about it, was this part of the systemic racism that everybody was talking about?”


Steven Ahle

Steven is a syndicated columnist for, The Range and other news websites. He is also an author, whose books can be found on All enjoy a 5 star rating. They are A Walk Through the Willows, Melissa's Song, The Tangled Web, Innocent, The Calculating Corpse and It's All About me.

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  • You articles are always laid out horribly.
    “Silk added:” and then a picture/ad of AOC, and another video are posted before you actually get to the quote by Silk.

    Why can’t you guys put together a decent, easy to follow article?

  • Fox did the same to Trish Regan…they are slowly getting rid of personalities that support President Trump and are starting to lean towards CNN & MSNBC…too bad. There is a reason why Fox has been on top of the charts…its conservative audience!

      • Fox did not sell their news division. It only sold the entertainment part. The major shareholders of Fox Corporation (which own Fox News, Fox Business and Fox Sports) is the Murdoch Family. Eldest son Lachlan Murdoch is the boss nowadays.

  • Every week I get closer to turning off Fox news completely. This is just one more reason to dump Fox. Chris Wallace, Juan Williams, Donna Brazile and many others are forcing me to tune out. I hope to find the ladies on another news source soon.

      • Donna Brazil’s is a LIAR and a CHEATER. Some guest to promote on “Fair and Balanced”. I guess it was only time before the Left infiltrated the Fox Network. What better way to bring Fox down but to do it from the inside. I will miss Fox and Friends. I use to refer to Outnumbered as my Intellectual version of the View. I couldn’t stand watching those bitter, sad women. Everything on their show was negative or about Trump. Nothing intellectual was being discussed. Sad women on the View and now with a few exceptions, I think some of the women on Outnumbered are heading in their direction.

    • I and millions of other viewers have switched to NewsMax to be rid of Chris Wallace, Juan Williams and Donna brasier. Only get
      Conservative comments by conservative hosts on none of the left wing liberal bias.

  • Good grief, 1.) of course she is gonna say what she’s saying, 2.) watch her eyes she is reading from a teleprompter – not her own words, 3.) that’s exactly why she didn’t take questions from reporters. Trump isn’t bullying schools to reopen and most of us with ears have heard what professionals in health, welfare, and education are saying about kids NOT being in schools and that is also a bigger risk to be out, thus it isn’t him saying it once again he is repeating the information he is being given. Stop with the fake news already. Their speculations are intended to be heard as fact in the way the media says everything from the agenda driven angle they speak. Pathetic

  • no idea if true or not. but I will be glad when this election is over, can not wit for more left wing democrat melt down

  • My guess is the issue was not racism, but the Dem Party’s need to “own” the black vote. To have two vocal, successful, popular women FOR Trump damages the Dem talking point of how Trump is racist, hates blacks, etc., their support endangered the Dem ownership of black voters. Just a guess…

  • If Fox was sold, and Leftists took over, then expect a slow bleed to the left. Sick of Donna Brazile and Juan Williams. Both have TDS.

  • I cannot believe the issues with Diamond and Silk. What did they do that is worse than Liberal shows? They have my support and love. Who helps them? Where are you Watters?

  • Agree. We love D&S because they were devoted to their beliefs, sincere and funny all at the same time. We miss Trish, too. We have noticed the changes at FOX, and we don’t like it either. ie: Chris Wallace and Donna Brazile who should be on MSNBC or CNN.

  • They are traitors to the USA, because anyone that supports traitor Trump is a traitor, also. Hence, I say good they were fired. Now, get rid of the vast majority of FOX.

    • I’m sorry, did you think you were on a virtue signaling, identity politics, cancel culture thread? We are all conservatives on here. You need to get back on the freeway and find the correct offramp for your kind of people!

  • Where are the Facts? All I can see is click-bait.

    Who offered them $150k to turn of Trump and when was that offer made?

    We complain about #FakeNews CNN and MSNBC and here you guys are spreading stories you don’t back up. 🤔

  • Really, tired of Fox News host that are contrary to conservative values. Tired of Williams, Brazile, Cavuto and especially CHRIS WALLACE. Have turned to News Max for my go to conservative channel and opinion. Fox has let me down. There are still some good conservative host doing Fox News. I wish Fox News would have supported Diamond and Silk. Bad move.

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