Four Toledo City Council Members, all Democrats, Arrested by FBI on Bribery Charges

Four city council members in Toledo, Ohio, all Democrats, (surprise, surprise) have been arrested on federal bribery and extortion racket charges. The members would extort payments from businesses looking for council approval for various reasons. They had enough votes to swing anything brought up to the council.

The investigation was started back in early 2018. All four face ten years for bribery charges and twenty years for extortion. (That’s a total of thirty years for you Democrats) It was strictly a pay for play scheme in which the council members would vote according to whoever forked over money to them.

Council members Tyrone Riley, Yvonne Harper, Larry Sykes, and Garrick Johnson, were involved were all charged for their actions. A lawyer who helped set up the scheme has also been arrested. Republicans in Toledo have argued for a while that having all Democrats on the council would lead to corruption. (No s*^t, Sherlock)

Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz issued a statement:

“I am shocked and heartbroken by today’s arrests. This is a terrible day for Toledo — and for everyone who believes in the good that can be accomplished through public service.”

From The Blaze

“I have no tolerance for public officials who abuse the trust of the citizens,” he added. “I encourage all Toledoans to say a prayer for our city and for the hope that justice will be done in this case.”

Kapszukiewicz went on to remind Toledo citizens that the accused are innocent until proven guilty.

Mark Wagoner, the chair of the Lucas County Republican Party, called for the resignation of all four Democrats.

“Democrat domination of Toledo city politics has consequences, and today we see them. Lucas County Republicans have long pointed to the culture of corruption within the City of Toledo and have put forward quality candidates to end Democrat domination,” he said.

Councilwoman Harper is reportedly the executive director of the Lucas County Democratic Party.


  1. Impossible. Non-whites are saints who built the modern world. They’re incorruptible. I smell a white supremacist plot to frame them. So obvious.

  2. Where are the pictures of them? I wonder if they were elected strictly on the color of their skin rather than content of their character? I don’t know their race and don’t care but it bothers me that all levels of gov have people elected based solely on race. Everyone has to admit Obama was elected because he was black (or partly black). Blacks voted because they thought he’d be better for them and whites voted out of some ridiculous guilt for something they didn’t do. The democrats need to quit dividing everyone into groups for political gain. The people are beginning to see that they are fake and corrupt. Sadly there’ll still be people that follow like sheep what the ‘news’ says to do.

  3. .
    So where are the photos, and why isn’t the media all over this? (/sarc)

    Black Lives Matter when you want gobernment theft and extortion.

  4. Most American blacks know one thing and one thing only about American history and that is slavery. They don’t even know much about that. They are taught their whole lives everyone is a racist, everyone hates them , they are all victims, everyone owes them. This is reinforced their entire lives by the media, public schools and universities. Putting them in positions of authority is reckless and foolish. Just look at the Black Congressional Childrens Caucus. They have a collective IQ of room temperature.

  5. When will the DC politicians be arrested? Clinton, Comey, Schiff, Pelosi and more need to wearing the orange suit.

  6. Sad situation in Toledo OH.
    It is good that it is reported publicly. Perhaps other cities and other
    local gov’ts are affected by elected folks who see the office as a bene-
    fit for the holder, not as a public trust or a chance to make one’s name
    honourbly known.
    Thanks for reporting the situation. Hopefully folks in Toledo will wake
    up to the corruption with their tax money. Hopefully also some good
    men will run, and others help them to win-that they bring honour to
    Toledo, and a good name for themselves.
    Fentress C Horner \\ fch sends

  7. There needs to be a full scale investigation on federal, state and local levels as to who iare being bribed. Bribery by the Chinese, the cartels, Iran and other entities is running rampant, especially
    at the federal level, and is almost totally unchecked. That, and pedophilia and the black marketing of human body parts fuel the evil that we see in our country every single day on an enormous scale.


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