Steven Schrage says that he has proof that shows that Stefan Halper, who was Obama’s personal spy and others in British intelligence, including former MI6 chief Richard Dearlove.  He says he believes that Cambridge University is the real smoking gun in the Spygate scandal.

Schrage says that Halper forced him to do research on people working on the Trump presidential campaign. Halper was paid a very large sum of money from the Obama/Biden administration to spy on Trump campaign workers.

He had Schrage invite Carter Page to an event at Cambridge and had Schrage introduce him to Carter Page, which became part of the excuse for spying on Trump and allowing the FBI to get FISA warrants against Page.

Schrage has been hesitant to produce the evidence he claims he has but has advised people to stay tuned as more information will be forthcoming. Until I see some evidence, I will regard this with a grain of salt. But, I don’t put it past the Spygate denizens to pull every dirty trick in the book and it doesn’t look like they missed many of them.

Steven Schrage, who served as a deputy assistant secretary of state in former President George W. Bush’s administration claims that Halper used his position at Cambridge to force him to do research on members of the Trump campaign.

He even had to put his PHD studies to the side in order to do the work Halper required of him.

It has been questioned why Schrage withheld this information for years instead of waiting until now to expose it. Schrage claims that he did not want to tip Halper off while he was gathering his evidence.

From The Daily Caller

Page, who is releasing a memoir later this month, has told the DCNF that he maintained contact with Schrage after the Cambridge seminar. He has also said he does not believe that Schrage was involved in Halper’s work for the FBI.

Schrage has released some evidence showing that Halper displayed interest in Flynn. He aired audio on “Sunday Morning Futures” of a conversation he said he had with Halper on Jan. 10, 2017 discussing Flynn’s future role in the Trump administration.

According to Schrage, Halper told him that Flynn was “fu*^ed” and that he didn’t think Flynn was “going to be around long.”



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