A former BLM leader has been arrested for lying about a teenager that was killed in his apartment.

Quincy Russom, 19, was shot and killed in the Iowa City home of Mazin Mohamedali, 20, on February 12 but he did not call police until well after he was killed.

Mohamedali was also charged with possession of drugs. Mohamedali was previously the leader of the Black Lives Matter affiliated “racial justice” group the Iowa Freedom Riders.

“Police arrested Sammy Hamed, 22, on February 22 for First-Degree Murder in connection to Russom’s death. Records show Iowa City Police executed a search warrant just days later on February 24 at Mohamedali’s apartment. It was there police found 56.13 grams of marijuana inside his closet, as well as 42.5 ecstasy pills. Investigators also found a digital scale with marijuana residue on it. Mohamedali is facing two counts of controlled substance violation and failure to affix a drug stamp, as well as one count of keeping a drug house,” local station KWWL reports.

Police suspect that Russom was killed during an attempted robbery but Mohamedali lied about the description of the killers, lied to the police, and withheld information that could have led the police to the real killers.

Police say he deleted his call history and his Snapchat account before calling the police. Mohamedali was arrested during a Black Lives Matter riot last summer. He helped tear down a $5,000 fence.

He faced five charges for that but pleaded it down to one misdemeanor.

Had he not gotten a sweetheart deal, Russom might still be alive.

From The Gateway Pundit

Police believe that Russom was killed during a suspected robbery, but Mohamedali gave false descriptions of the people involved with the killing, lied when questioned by police, and withheld information that would have led police to the murderer sooner. The criminal complaint against him also says that he deleted his call history and Snapchat app following the shooting.

Mohamedali was arrested during a Black Lives Matter riot last summer where the far-left militants tore down a $5,000 fence outside the Old Capitol Museum. He initially faced six charges for his role, but pleaded down to one simple misdemeanor for disorderly conduct.



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  • Quit allowing these criminals to plead their crimes down to misdemeanors and put them in prison!!

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