Anthony Sabatini, one of the most patriotic and pro-America state legislators in the nation has just announced that he is pushing a bill to rename a highway in Florida after President Trump. That road is US 27 in Florida.

It would be the first place that is named after Trump, but you can expect more in the coming years.

Unlike the Democrats, Trump actually did well for the common man instead of the common campaign contributor.

Sabatini, who has fought the unconstitutional mask and vaccine mandates and who is a staunch defender of the Second Amendment. The highway currently carries the names Purple Heart Memorial Highway and the Claude Pepper Memorial Highway.

In his bill, the highway will be named for Trump but will retain the Purple Heart Memorial Highway designation.

This legislative session I will be sponsoring an amendment to rename U.S. Highway 27 as the “President Donald J. Trump Highway.” Looking forward to working on this important designation honoring one of the greatest Presidents in American History.

— Rep. Anthony Sabatini (@AnthonySabatini) January 19, 2021

From The Gateway Pundit

Sabatini is currently a member of the Florida National Guard in addition to his role as a State Representative. During the coronavirus pandemic, Sabatini has routinely aided Floridian’s in his role as a national guardsman, which is likely why he wants to keep the highway’s nod to Purple Heart veterans, in addition to President Donald Trump has been the most pro-veteran president in the history of the United States, who is the only POTUS in history to not get America involved in any endless foreign wars.

There is general consensus among unbiased historians and observers alike that President Donald J. Trump is the greatest President of the United States since Abraham Lincoln.

Democrats are sure to have a spastic meltdown over Sabatini’s amendment, but Florida remains a DEEP RED state that has control of the Governor’s mansion, House and Senate.

Hats off to Representative Sabatini for his courageous efforts to honor the greatest POTUS of our lifetimes.

Highway US27 runs North to South for almost the full length of Florida with the exception of the Florida Keys. Trump won the state in both elections including an easy win in 2020. During his presidency, he moved his residence from NYC to Florida.


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  • I fully support the renaming of a Highway in Florida for President Donald J. Trump. I am almost 70 y/o & I can truly say that in my lifetime President Trump surpassed the former Reagan Presidency as being the Greatest POTUS in American History. Loved Reagan & still think of him as a Great President but Trump’s actions as POTUS affected EVERYONE in a good way.

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