Joe Biden touted the fact that Rick Snyder endorsed him for president…but that might not be a good thing.

In Flint, a Democratic stronghold, Snyder is considered a murderer. When the city switched water supplies, the new water was killing people. Snyder was accused by community members and others of trying to kill Black people. State Democratic officials are afraid that this alone might cost Biden Michigan.

Michigan could be a key state again and if Trump carries it, he can’t be stopped. Democrats can only hope they can manufacture enough votes to win. With mail-in balloting, it’s quite possible that they can flip the state through the faulty system. We know they will do the best they can. Democrats could also lose a Senate seat as James has momentum and he just tied Peters in the polling.

Snyder is under investigation and very well could face criminal charges in the deaths and illnesses caused by the poisonous water. He tried to get the case dismissed but was unsuccessful.:

Via Mlive:

In a ruling Wednesday, July 29, the court held that Flint residents and property owners “sufficiently alleged a claim,” denying a motion to dismiss the case made by attorneys for Snyder and other defendants.

Filed in January 2016, the lawsuit claims Snyder, emergency managers and departments of state government violated Flint residents’ “bodily integrity” by exposing them to lead-contaminated water and hiding what they knew about it. It also claims that homeowners suffered financial losses due to diminished property values for which they weren’t compensated.

Snyder had appointed emergency managers who made many changes that led to the changing of their water source. The result was devastating. The bad water caused an outbreak of Legionnaire’s disease. The official death toll is 12, but that number could be much higher. During the same time period, an incredibly high number of people died of pneumonia

Legionnaires’ manifests as a type of pneumonia, and many were treated for pneumonia. It is very possible they could have had Legionnaire’s disease and since they were not diagnosed as such they never made it into the death count.

This could swing the state into the Trump column.

From The Seattle Times

For years, state health officials in Michigan have set the official death toll for the Legionnaires’ outbreak amid the Flint water crisis at 12 people. But during the roughly year-and-a-half the outbreak spanned, Frontline reporters found that 115 people in Flint died of pneumonia.

“Legionnaires’ manifests as a type of pneumonia, and if you walk into the physician’s office with pneumonia, they may just give you a round of antibiotics. And if they don’t know about the outbreak, they won’t usually test for it,” said Kristin Nelson, a researcher with Emory University who was among a team of experts commissioned by Frontline to analyze their reporting.

Nelson said physicians often won’t suspect Legionnaires’ as the cause behind a case of severe pneumonia and thinks it may be the reason there was a significant discrepancy between the likely number of Legionnaires’ deaths her team found and the number of deaths the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has reported.


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