Six men have been arrested by the FBI in a plot to kidnap Gov Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. Whitmer immediately blamed President Trump for the plot, but one of the anarchists hates President Trump. This is what the left does. Blame Trump first because who cares if you lie? Democrats lying is as common as fish swimming.

Brandon Caserta, one of anarchists who was arrested for plotting to kidnap Whitmer, actually hates the president and made a video where he calls Trump a tyrant:

The six men who were arrested includes  Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Ty Garbin, Kaleb Franks, Daniel Harris, and Brandon Caserta . It is alleged that they tried to recruit members in order to raid a the capital building in Lansing with 200 men and they would kidnap Whitmer and try her for being a tyrant. Fox had reached out to a militia group in order to convince them to join.

The militia, however was not involved in the plot or their participation was minimal at best as no one was charged in the plot.

The FBI said:

“Fox said he needed ‘200 men’ to storm the Capitol building in Lansing, Michigan, and take hostages, including the Governor. Fox explained they would try the Governor of Michigan for ‘treason,’ and he said they would execute the plan before the November 2020 elections.” 

 from WITI:

According to the FBI, it learned of the plan through confidential sources and undercover agents over several months who attended militia group meetings. The FBI said the militia group would hold field training exercises on private property in remote areas of Michigan, where they would engage in firearm training and tactical drills.

At one point, the FBI said the group had a meeting in Grand Rapids in the basement of a shop that was accessed through a trap door hidden under a rug on the main floor. At that business, the FBI said they discussed the plan for the Capitol and planned to use “Molotov cocktails” to destroy police cars.

The FBI said Fox called Whitmer a “tyrant b****” and asked the group to be linked with other systems and asked for ideas of what they can do.

The FBI has recordings of the group discussing different plans, including shooting up Whitmer’s vacation home and capturing her there when she went for a visit. The FBI said that Fox had told someone that the group had purchased an 800,000 volt taser to use in the kidnapping.

The group allegedly built IEDs and practiced with them using human silhouettes. They wanted to know if they would be practical to use in the kidnapping plot.

Many Democrats are still blaming Trump for the kidnapping plot. But that is to be expected since the president is evidently responsible for burned out refrigerator bulbs, the agony of defeat and the heartbreak of psoriasis.


Steven Ahle

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  • This Article has SOME of the Truth, BUT Misses the Fact that Whitmer Cherry Picked her results. She ONLY Reported the Death Toll in 10% of the State Accredited Elderly Care Facilities. The TRUTH needs to be made known. “At least 2,083 nursing home residents have died from COVID-19 in Michigan, accounting for nearly 1 in 3 deaths attributed to the novel coronavirus here since March. Related stories:
    •Michigan third in nation for coronavirus, last for data about patients
    •A third of Michigan’s COVID deaths are in nursing homes. Who is to blame?
    •Inspections show death, despair gripped Michigan nursing homes amid pandemic
    Whitmer issued a joint statement with New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who received a similar demand from U.S. attorneys, that called the request a “transparent politicization of the Department of Justice in the middle of the Republican National Convention.” (Birds of a Feather : )))

  • They gotta be High on the List of the Stupidest people in MI. There are some in every population but these FOUND each other : ))), a.k.a., Birds of a Feather, Flock Together. They were gonna Seize Control of MI by Taking the State Capitol. Oh YEAH, That is a Really Viable Plan : ))).
    I would actually be MORE Interested in the Number of Elderly Care Deaths CAUSED by Whitmer MANDATING facilities take ACTIVE Covid-19 Patients.
    She REFUSES to do so. Is this a Convenient Distraction?
    Jus ask’n.

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